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Demonstrating the value of an open platform approach

Debra Walton
Debra Walton
Chief Revenue Officer, Refinitiv

Open platforms are revolutionizing the financial industry. Using the power of collaboration, our partnership with Symphony shows how we are helping clients extract even greater value from Eikon.

We have long been an advocate for truly open platforms because of the immense benefit they bring the entire financial community.

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Our own strategic messaging platform, Eikon Messenger, is testament to this. When more than 30,000 firms embrace your technology, you know you are helping to solve a real industry challenge.

But open doesn’t mean doing everything yourself.

One of the benefits of open is allowing customer choice — of technology, of service and of value. For these reasons, we have made some recent strides in advancing our open platform proposition.

The sender selects "Share via Symphony" from the right-click menu in Eikon.
The sender selects “Share via Symphony” from the right-click menu in Eikon.

Sharing capabilities

We have partnered with Symphony Communication Services, LLC to deliver an integrated experience between our open platform Eikon and Symphony’s messaging system.

In addition to sharing Eikon content such as charts, news and data via Eikon Messenger, this latest partnership extends Eikon’s sharing capabilities to the Symphony community.

The integration will be available later this year.

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Desktop integration

In May, we launched Eikon Side by Side (SxS) API to enable customers to integrate their internal and partner applications with Eikon.

Symphony recipient’s experience of shared Interactive Maps App in Eikon.
Symphony recipient’s experience of shared Interactive Maps App in Eikon.

Developed in collaboration with OpenFin, our new FinTech partner, SxS API allows the integration of our data and Reuters news with other applications on the same desktop.

And, of course, the Eikon App Studio already offers another exceptional development platform on which third party developers can design, build and publish their own financial apps and content.

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This ensures that our customers can easily access and integrate specialist applications to address their workflow needs more efficiently.

The combination of the Eikon SxS API, the Eikon App Studio and the capability delivered through our partnership with Symphony will provide clients with even more ways to extract additional value from Eikon and enhance their workflows.

Competitive advantage

Eikon Messenger — the only free and open collaboration tool built for the financial community — already provides access to more than 300,000 users across 180+ countries and to counterparts on other federated networks.

This open collaboration platform is further complemented by our free passive and active compliance tools, providing customers with firm foundations to help meet their regulatory challenges.

Our continuing investments in a platform that is truly open and community-driven allows us to help our customers better manage risk, reduce cost and innovate faster to gain a competitive advantage in today’s technology-driven world.

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