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A cloud based future for your market data

Tricia San Cristobal
Tricia San Cristobal
Global Proposition Manager, Enterprise Platform, Refinitiv

Cloud services offer many benefits, alongside challenges around data management and compliance. How is our Enterprise Platform (TREP) supporting financial institutions to ensure that their market data always stays ahead of the curve?

  1. The cloud is cost-effective and flexible, but organizations still have to manage large volumes of data and do so in line with regulatory requirements.
  2. TREP helps to meet market data needs, manage compliance and reduce total cost of ownership.
  3. It verifies many different data sources, as well as regulatory and security demands.

The migration of data to the cloud is accelerating and likely to be unstoppable.

In a survey we commissioned in partnership with the A-Team Group, 90 percent of financial institution respondents said that the cloud was an effective way of receiving data to support trading processes.

The same percentage also think that this will only increase over the next two years.

While cloud-based services have long had advantages in terms of cost and flexibility, they now also have the security and maturity that the industry needs — and that has created a tipping point in adoption.

And yet, despite the compelling reasons for moving to the cloud, data management challenges still persist.

Managing market data

Organizations still need to carefully control and manage large and ever-growing volumes of data.

And, as regulatory pressures increase, the need to know exactly where that data is coming from and where it is going is becoming more vital.

This is where our Enterprise Platform plays a crucial role, helping organizations to take advantage of all the opportunities the cloud offers, whilst also overcoming the challenges.

Wherever you store or access market data, you need to be able to control and manage it effectively.

TREP does that and more, allowing you to distribute, entitle and administer data across your enterprise.

Open platform benefits

As the volume and sources of data expand rapidly, TREP has another key data management advantage.

It is an open platform that integrates and supports client proprietary and third-party data so that it is possible to manage the enormous growth in information.

Our high-performance market data platform meets distribution needs, manages compliance requirements and reduces total cost of ownership.

And that applies whether you are already using cloud-based services, in the process of migrating, or sticking to an on-premises solution.

But that’s not all.

Ahead of the curve

However good a solution is, and whatever reputation it has built up, it needs to keep ahead of the trends to meet customers’ changing needs.

That’s why we’ve continually invested in TREP to keep it ahead of the curve.

This includes adding new tools and features that meet your requirements as you seek to reduce or eliminate footprint and improve operating manageability.

The same problems customers face in entitlements management on premises today will be faced in the cloud.

The open and extensible nature of TREP has made it a key part of the data distribution solution set for customers.

We are supporting migration to the cloud by developing ways to adapt TREP – for example, by using Docker containers to provide a stable and proven solution to cloud environments.

Customers can keep the controls and reporting they are accustomed to as they move applications and data to the cloud.

Data verification

With so many different data sources as well as regulatory and security demands, it is vital to be able to verify and originate each piece of data.

Our Virtual Publishing Identifier watermarks every piece of data that goes through TREP so you know exactly who published it and are able to tie it in with your own internal authentication system using our Authentication Framework.

Open Source APIs are available on GitHub. Many of our customers are partnered with us today, contributing to our open source initiative.

We have also launched WebSocket support directly from TREP, allowing customers to interact using any programming language that supports WebSockets and JSON.

Developer learning curves are getting smaller all the time.

TREP V3 Features

Trusted answers

Our industry never stops changing, and TREP never stops moving with it.

That’s why, after 20 years as one of the industry’s most powerful platforms, it remains the trusted answer for the future.

Get in touch to find out how we can support your cloud migration strategy.