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Eikon App Studio: What can it do for you?

App Studio on the Eikon platform has a range of great third-party financial technology apps, from charting and analytics through to risk management. Take a closer look at what they can do.

We are constantly working to tailor the Eikon experience to the needs of financial professionals.

App Studio offers all of Eikon’s existing strengths coupled with innovative solutions from leading third-party app developers.

This gives users more choice through the wider availability of tools and capabilities to meet their business needs.

We recognize that a single provider, including ourselves, is unlikely to meet everyone’s requirements.

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That’s why we’ve built a community of financial technology partners across different clusters to boost and complement Eikon’s existing capabilities.

Let’s look at some of these areas, and see how we’re harnessing the open platform approach to build the best Eikon experience for our customers.

Charting and Analytics

Leading companies such as Tradesignal, ChartIQ and Seasonax bring their charting and analytics capabilities into Eikon, each with their own unique specialty and focus.

  • Tradesignal provides hundreds of indicators and studies, as well as rule-based trading and backtesting for technically-minded traders and analysts. Learn more.
  • ChartIQ excels with its design and intuitive navigation, on top of its analytical tools. Learn more.
  • Seasonax focuses squarely on seasonality analysis across virtually all asset classes. Learn more.
TradeSignal, ChartIQ, Seasonax
TradeSignal, ChartIQ, Seasonax

Portfolio and Risk

In the portfolio & risk space, RiskGrid Technologies, Everysk, Valuefy and TruValue Labs compliment the core Eikon offering to the buy side community.

  • RiskGrid provides Value at Risk and stress testing analytics and rankings on various funds. Learn more.
  • Everysk and Valuefy provide tools for portfolio managers to analyze and manage risk across forward looking themes such as interest rate and oil price moves or in terms of performance and attribution. Learn more on Everysk and Valuefy.
  • TruValue Labs brings a unique perspective with real-time ESG monitoring tools allowing portfolio managers to handle their impact as well as risk. Learn more. 
RiskGrid, Everysk, Valuefy, Insight360
RiskGrid, Everysk, Valuefy, Insight360


OTAS Technologies, RoZetta Technology and Wall Street Horizon provide equity traders and analysts with a suite of tools to assess the equity markets.

  • The OTAS apps are a decision support platform uncovering opportunities hidden in market data and allowing for real-time monitoring of market conditions. Learn more.
  • RoZetta’s AlphaShapes app is a dynamic visualization tool allowing analysts to compare relative values of stocks versus any benchmark index. Learn more.
  • Wall Street Horizon focuses on tracking events — both forward looking and historical across 40+ types — saving traders significant time and effort. Learn more.
OTAS, AlphaShapes, Wall Street Horizon
OTAS, AlphaShapes, Wall Street Horizon

Innovation and support

As well as the three mentioned above, we are working to expand App Studio to other capability clusters ranging from news analytics and private company data to FX options and trading.

The key to our strategy is engaging with reputable partners — both large and small — who bring their unique capabilities along with the support and continuous innovation that our users expect within the Eikon platform.

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We have found that the best results come when a partner’s capabilities combine with Eikon’s strengths to complete the workflow needs of a particular user.

As such, our most successful partners are typically suggested by our own users, who are often already users of the partner’s standalone products.

Use Eikon and learn how to seize opportunity with powerful financial analysis