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Eikon App Studio: What’s new for January?

Paul Artiuch
Paul Artiuch
Open Eikon Product Manager

Eikon App Studio has dozens of great apps to try, including these three for making better trading decisions or dealing with EU regulations for PRIIPs.

Eikon App Studio offers access to apps built by the brightest minds in financial technology, as well as the chance for customers and financial data/tech vendors to create their own solutions within Eikon.

Our open platform approach means that we combine Eikon’s existing strengths with innovative solutions from leading third-party app developers.

As a result, Eikon users are offered more choice of tools and capabilities to meet their business needs.

This month, we have selected three more exciting apps, out of dozens on the platform, to demonstrate the breadth of this added choice and functionality.

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They are the WindoTrader app, and two regtech apps from cleversoft — OTD KID Generation and RegDoc Repository — in relation to dealing with the EU Regulation for PRIIPs (Packaged Retail Investment & Insurance Products).

WindoTrader: Enhance your interpretation of market activity and make better trading decisions

Developed and supported by WindoTrader Corporation, WindoTrader is a market-profile, volume-analytics trading software application.

It helps you see beyond the obvious, determine what’s relevant and make better trading decisions.

Discover more about WindoTrader – a market profile, volume analytics trading-software application

Its customizable charts enhance market activity interpretation of:

  • Price-to-value relationships
  • Price acceptance and rejection areas
  • High-probability key decision zones
  • The market’s current fairest price
  • Contract and share volume distributions
  • Individual and multiple time frames
  • The market’s unfolding auction process

Find out more about the WindoTrader app and get a free trial

OTC KID Generation: prepare for EU Regulation No 1286/2014 on PRIIPs

Developed and supported by cleversoft, this app is a service application for creating PRIIPs Key Information Documents (KIDs) for OTC products such as forward exchange contracts or interest rate options.

The service comprises calculation of all key figures and performance scenarios, as well as the preparation and archiving of documents to fulfill regulatory requirements of the PRIIP regulation.

This app offers:

  • On-demand generation of PRIIP KIDs within seconds
  • Covers document creation for the following asset classes: FX or precious metals derivatives, forward exchange contracts, interest rate and money market derivatives, etc.
  • Interoperability with other content and applications available in Eikon

Find out more about the OTC KID Generation app and get a free trial

RegDoc Repository: Always have the right regulatory document to hand

Another offering from cleversoft, this app provides pre-trade regulatory documents documents for PRIIPs of third-party manufacturers.

Using this app, you can implement the legal and regulatory hurdles of the regulation in an efficient and cost-effective manner, allowing for the legally required documents to be obtained (in multiple languages) in an easy and process-oriented manner.

Supported regulatory documents:

  • KIDs for structured products
  • KIDs for OTC derivatives
  • KIDs for exchange-traded derivatives
  • German PIBs

Find out more about the RegDoc Repository app and get a free trial

Disclaimer: It is acknowledged that neither we nor cleversoft act as manufacturers, sellers or advisors in relation to Packaged Retail and Insurance-based Investment Products (PRIIPs) or other financial products.

In addition, neither we nor cleversoft have a responsibility to ensure that the produced/provided documents (such as KIDs according to PRIIPs EU Regulation No 1286/2014) meet the requirements of the PRIIPs regulation and any associated rules.

City Execution from the Eikon App Studio
City Execution from the Eikon App Studio

We will continue to onboard new partners as we look for ways to better meet the unique workflow needs of our users, and also continue our work with Eikon users looking to create their own unique apps within Eikon.

Already an Eikon user? Explore App Studio and trial apps by visiting the App Studio section of the Eikon App Library. Not an Eikon user? Request a free trial.