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A managed future for market data

Tricia San Cristobal
Tricia San Cristobal
Global Proposition Manager, Enterprise Platform, Refinitiv

Moving to a managed service for market data delivers many benefits, including flexibility and scalability. What makes Elektron-as-a-Service the trusted route to smarter trading and investment environments?

  1. There is more available data than ever before, offering opportunities for greater insight, but also challenges, in managing that data.
  2. Elektron-as-a-Service helps to meet market data needs, improve service delivery and reduce total cost of ownership.
  3. Because it is flexible, scalable and easy to use, Elektron-as-a-Service enables clients to focus on innovation that keeps them ahead of the curve.

The sheer volume and variety of data is rising exponentially. It’s estimated that 2.5 quintillion bytes are now created each day and that 90 percent of the world’s data has been generated over the last two years.

Collecting, analyzing and distributing this data is key to successfully running trading and risk management operations, but the more data there is the bigger the task.

Fortunately, technological advances such as artificial intelligence, increased computer power and greater storage capacity are all making it easier to put data to work to create new insights and strategies.

Yet many organizations are also facing pressure to reduce costs, increase revenues and keep up with changing regulation. This is inhibiting their ability to be as flexible, agile and innovative as the market demands.

As-a-service solutions

The need to square this circle is behind a growing trend: the move from on-premises to as-a-service solutions.

Put simply, as-a-service means that instead of buying and managing their own infrastructure, organizations can instead access all the capabilities they need through a service that is managed by someone who can provide expertise and economies of scale.

As a result,  companies can reduce one-off capital costs, intensive maintenance and expensive upgrades, and benefit from a more flexible service that’s easy to use and cost effective — allowing them to focus resources on what matters most.

Three smart ways to lower cost of ownership (TCO)

A platform for innovation

With Elektron-as-a-Service users can simply plug into one easy-to-use interface (API) that delivers all their data, publishing, analytics and distribution needs.

So, if you are currently using an on-premises solution, what advantages will switching to Elektron-as-a-Service offer?

Reduced capital expenses: Move from a capex model to an opex one. We operate and manage all the equipment, feeds, platforms and connectivity.

And you get the flexibility of a monthly subscription model while continuing to meet all your requirements. Our entitlement and permissioning controls for use of market data ensure that you only pay for the data you use.

More control: Meet your regulatory obligations and ensure compliance with 3rd party licensing by using Elektron-as-a-Service to publish information to defined end points, with source identifier information.

Faster time to market: Without the constraints of legacy systems you can on-board market data and applications quickly, anywhere in the world. And with more tools and technology to analyse data and generate new insights, you can take advantage of new opportunities.

Elektron as a Service

Risk reduction

Successful trading is about minimizing risk as well as maximizing opportunities. There are three ways Elektron-as-a-Service helps you get a firmer grip on risk.

  • Greater resilience. With many points of presence globally, Elektron-as-a-Service can help ensure a continuous, robust service, in order to keep your business running.

  • By utilizing our services you benefit from 24/7 monitoring, world-class cyber prevention and access to global data centers. Reduce the danger of financial and reputational risk caused by regulatory breaches.
  • As regulation constantly changes, so does Elektron-as-a-Service by helping you to manage certifications, track entitlements and streamline compliance.

Elekton as a Service

Stay ahead of the competition

Our industry never stops changing and our services never stop moving with it.

That’s why we continue to invest in building new features into Elektron-as-a-Service to make it more flexible, scalable and agile in the future.

By keeping at the leading edge of data technology, we can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Get in touch to find out more about how Elektron-as-a-Service can help you.

Elektron-as-a-Service: Connecting your enterprise, powering your business