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New year, new opportunities in China

Nicole Chen
Nicole Chen
Managing Director of the Data and Analytics business for the London Stock Exchange Group in China

China's President Xi said at the start of 2019: “We are running at full speed towards the realization of our dreams.” To mark the Lunar New Year, Refinitiv considers the new opportunities in China and how our open platform innovation can help realize those dreams.

  1. ‘Data is just the beginning’. A bilingual Lunar New Year message from Nicole Chen, Head of China, Refinitiv, highlights our role in a new era of opportunities in China.
  2. Refinitiv China’s new year goals include harnessing data and AI for broader and deeper content sets, as well as the delivery of analytics tools to drive #SmarterTrading.
  3. We also aim to help more China financial institutions and enterprises to enhance their regulatory compliance and manage third-party risks.

As we enter the Chinese Lunar Year of the Pig, please allow me on behalf of Refinitiv China to extend our sincerest gratitude and heartfelt blessings to the government departments, clients, partners, media and staff members who have given us support and care all the time!

Wishing you all a happy new year!

Over the past year, we have experienced a shift from the Financial & Risk business of Thomson Reuters to Refinitiv, from a brand that is well known to the public to a new company that is somewhat unfamiliar to everyone. But what remains unchanged is our determination and commitment to connect the global financial market.

Refinitiv milestones

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Our company has made tremendous efforts to live up to our commitments during the past year. It was an amazing year! We provide services for more than 400,000 professionals in 40,000 firms globally.

We help empower hundreds of billions of dollars in trading with up to seven million updates per second delivered by data feeds for over 70 million instruments. With up to 32,000 risk intelligence records created every month, we fully support the battle against financial crime. With over 13,000 registered developers on our platforms and 2,000+ active partnerships, our open platform fosters innovation and brings together expertise.

We have also developed strategic partnerships with China’s most influential financial media group Caixin to provide investors around the world with more insights and in-depth analysis on China’s economy and markets.

Serving China’s financial market

In China, we have consolidated and strengthened our leading position in financial trading information technology and better served the localization needs of Chinese customers through our global trading network and innovative technologies. In the Chinese financial market, we updated the transaction data of Bond Connect, China’s crude oil futures, and CFETS FX2017 to provide investors with real-time and accurate data information.

Refinitiv also launched BRI Connect earlier this year. Available exclusively through Refinitiv’s financial markets desktop Eikon, BRI Connect helps financial professionals to monitor specific projects; access unparalleled coverage of financing deals and primary capital markets; a better understanding of where to invest in BRI; secure accurate, up-to-date country risk ratings; and mitigate counterparty exposure when operating along cross-border transactions in BRI countries.

Filter/Display List of Infrastructure Projects by Country – Breakdown by Project Status (Active/Delayed/Completed) & Sector (Transportation/Power & Water) Zoom in to locate projects on a map and link to view project details. New year, new opportunities in China
Filter/Display List of Infrastructure Projects by Country – Breakdown by Project Status (Active/Delayed/Completed) & Sector (Transportation/Power & Water). Zoom in to locate projects on a map and link to view project details.

We successfully hosted The 7th RMB Outlook Summit on RMB Internationalization, FX market trend and other hot topics. Meanwhile, we hosted the second National Financial Risk, RegTech and Compliance Summit, which further helped Chinese companies understand and deal with financial risks. We also introduced the China Cross-Border M&A Forum for the first time, to share the trends and insights of cross-border activities in China and around the world.

The cityscape of the Beijing Central Business District, or Beijing CBD, is silhouetted against the sky during sunset, China. New year, new opportunities in China
The cityscape of the Beijing Central Business District, or Beijing CBD, is silhouetted against the sky during sunset, China. REUTERS/Thomas Peter

Tools for smarter trading

As the new year begins, let us also start anew.

Looking to 2019, our goals are firm and clear as always: harness data and AI to deliver broader, deeper and real-time content sets; integrate data with powerful analytics and workflow tools to drive smarter trading execution and better investment strategies; deliver better data to enable more sustainable investments in a world that urgently needs to de-carbonize; deploy data and AI to support the continued fight against financial crime; and manage increasingly complex and onerous regulatory and compliance risks.

Nicole Chen Quote. New year, new opportunities in China

Managing third-party risks

With this in mind, in China, we will continue to promote connectivity among domestic financial market infrastructures, increase investment and the application of new technologies, improve data and content related to China, and better meet clients’ multi-domain, multi-level needs in transactions, investment, wealth management and so on.

Shanghai stock exhange

In the era of further opening up in China, we will also help more Chinese financial institutions and enterprises to further enhance regulatory compliance capabilities, manage third-party risks, and support Chinese enterprises to “going global”.

New era, new opportunities in China, and data is just the beginning!

Watch: New year, new opportunities in China

As President Xi said in his 2019 new year’s speech: “We are running at full speed towards the realization of our dreams.” In the new year, Refinitiv looks forward to running together with you beyond the speed of change to realize our dreams.



1. 商务之道,数据先行,路孚特中国区董事总经理陈芳女士发表了农历新年祝福,强调了路孚特在中国的新纪元与新机遇中将扮演的角色。

2. 路孚特中国在新的一年将提供更广泛、深入和最及时的内容;将数据与人工智能及分析工具相结合,推动更智能的交易执行。

3. 路孚特也希望可以帮助更多的中国金融机构和企业加强监管合规与第三方风险管理。








为响应一带一路倡议,路孚特于年初正式推出了BRI Connect。作为路孚特的金融市场桌面工具Eikon上独有的应用,BRI Connect能够帮助金融专业人士监控特定项目,获得无可比拟的融资交易和一级资本市场信息,以及准确的、最新的国家风险评级,从而更好地了解一带一路倡议的投资机会,并降低在一带一路沿线国家进行跨境交易时的交易对手风险。