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How to foster innovation through diversity

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Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is playing a key role in business success, as an increasing amount of evidence shows. We spoke to Mark McLane, Global Head of Diversity and Inclusion at Barclays, about his view on the value of D&I and the impact of the partnership with our company.

Those companies that have a diverse employee base and an inclusive environment can serve their clients better, be more innovative and have stronger employer brands — all of which lead to commercial success and enable firms to stay relevant for longer.

Successful companies use diversity in their workforce as a competitive advantage.

Customer base

Barclays and ourselves are two companies who passionately believe in the importance of diversity and inclusion (D&I), recently partnering for the Pride in London festival and building an app to bring the community together.

Mark McLane states that a diverse workforce and inclusive culture is critical for companies as they look to address an increasingly diverse employee and customer base.

Driving innovation

Mark, who oversees the delivery of Barclays’ industry leading D&I strategy, has a long track record of heading up D&I initiatives.

These include the recent “This is Me” campaign which ran in partnership with the Lord Mayor of London to reduce the stigma of mental health in the workplace, and the HeforShe campaign, which aims to achieve gender equality and promote women’s rights.

As part of our commitment to the D&I agenda, we recently launched the Diversity & Inclusion Index, which transparently and objectively measures the relative performance of companies against factors that define a diverse and inclusive workplace, and demonstrates that diversity and inclusion has a direct link to commercial success.

The index brings our central values into action as we truly believe a company that is both diverse and inclusive has a higher likelihood of long term success.

As Mark McLane puts it, we should all be able to bring our entire energy into the work place — that’s what drives innovation.

For more information on the D&I Index or to discuss how we can partner with you to innovate contact us today.