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Eikon App Studio: A powerful tool for internal apps

Paul Artiuch
Paul Artiuch
Open Eikon Product Manager

Eikon App Studio is a single platform for accessing and hosting apps, making it a powerful tool in the delivery of data, analytics and in-house capabilities such as internal apps.

  1. Eikon App Studio users build internal apps with full control over who views the data.
  2. Eikon users access all internal and external apps through a single platform.
  3. App Studio boosts efficiency and helps lower spend on data and infrastructure.

App Studio in Eikon not only provides access to apps from the best third-party financial technology firms, it allows users to build their own apps with full control over who can view the content.

This capability makes Eikon a powerful tool for delivering internal data, analytics and other in-house capabilities to users in an efficient and secure way.

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It also means organizations can get the most out of their Eikon investment by making users more efficient and lowering overall spend on additional data and infrastructure.

Access Eikon from Thomson Reuters in the App Studio
Access Eikon in the App Studio

The key benefits of making your internal apps available in Eikon via App Studio include:

  • Users discover and access all their apps — external and internal — through a single platform.
  • Users can link their internal and external apps by passing context between them (e.g. a security symbol) and can embed apps in workspaces, all to smooth their workflow.
  • Internal apps can securely access and commingle internal data with other data from Eikon within a single app.
  • Apps — and all internal data powering them — are securely hosted on a company’s own servers without the need for sending it outside the firewall.
  • App administrators have full control over the visibility, and access to, internal apps.
  • There is no cost to list internal apps in Eikon.

A few examples of Eikon internal apps in action:

Consolidating research reports for ease of access

A large asset manager’s internal equities research team produces a vast volume of insights, recommendations and price targets to be used by the firm’s portfolio managers.

The reports are accessed on the company’s intranet via a separate login and are searchable using a proprietary taxonomy.

App Studio allows these reports to be securely and privately accessed in their own app when users search for all available external research (broker, sell-side research etc.) using Eikon.

This leads to a dramatic increase in the use of internal research.

Eikon app Studio
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Price calculators: Reduced need for manual data entry

A sell-side bank creates and distributes proprietary price calculators to its front office staff which utilize custom algorithms and are powered by a combination of in-house and external data.

These price calculators currently reside on the bank’s own intranet and require traders to manually punch in quotes into their main financial desktop for further analysis or execution.

App Studio allows these calculators to be built inside of Eikon, easing access to them while reducing the need for manual data entry.

A research alternative to email

App Studio can even be used by organizations to more efficiently reach their own customers via the Eikon platform.

For instance, a sell-side bank’s research team sending a daily briefing to its buy-side customers can do this via an Eikon app instead of email.

The research can be updated in real time and will be integrated into the workflow of customers, instead of vying for attention in an over-stuffed inbox.

Learn more about how your company can use App Studio to integrate your apps in Eikon or contact your account manager.

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