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How Eikon apps and tools covered 2018

Lesli Fairchild
Lesli Fairchild
Global Head of News, Refinitiv

2018 has seen major, market moving developments in politics and economics, including China-U.S. trade tensions and the rise of cryptos. Using Reuters news and the latest data analytics, see how Eikon helped financial professionals to improve their investment decision-making.

  1. Dedicated Eikon apps and tools kept financial professionals on top of major news events in 2018, including Brexit, the World Economic Forum at Davos, and China-U.S. trade tensions.

  2. Eikon users could more efficiently and securely make decisions on trading and investments with Eikon’s news, data analytics and visualization tools providing deep insight into market moving news.

  3. If you want to stay a step ahead in 2019, register for a free trial of Eikon today to see how you might benefit from powerful financial analysis of news events.

A busy year for global and regional economics, politics and major sporting events helped showcase the power of Eikon apps and tools during 2018.

Award-winning news from Reuters and thousands of other news sources, alongside data analytics and visualization tools, ensured our users improved trading and investment decision-making.

From the World Economic Forum at Davos through to trade tensions and the soccer World Cup in Russia, how did Eikon apps and tools cover the major events in 2018?

Global markets

In the year that marked the centenary since women were given the right to vote in Britain, the 48th World Economic Forum Annual Meeting from Davos was for the first time co-chaired by an all-women panel.

The theme — “Creating a shared future in a fractured world” — gathered leaders from all walks of life to discuss how international collaboration could solve global challenges, spanning climate-change, terrorism, inequality, trade and much more.

The [DAVOS] app in Eikon offered a unique vantage point on all the developments, with real-time access to breaking news from the event and a library of event-related charts from Datastream in collaboration with Fathom Consulting. Relive the front-row seat experience.

The Davos app. How Eikon apps and tools covered 2018
The Davos app

In Eikon Messenger, the Global Markets Forum community members were offered the unique opportunity to participate in live-chat sessions with WEF guests on a variety of issues including the biggest risks facing the world in 2018 — cyber attacks, extreme weather events and escalating concerns around the China-U.S. trade conflict.

Trade Tensions 

Global trade tariffs have seen a particularly eventful year, with the U.S. extending tariffs on steel and aluminum back in May, proposing the elimination of others at the G7 summit, and then using tariffs to start what some have described a “trade war” with China.

Our Trade Tensions app offers significant Reuters news coverage of the dispute, the ongoing negotiations and the impact of Trump tariffs on key markets.

Trade Tensions app. How Eikon apps and tools covered 2018
Trade Tensions app

Cryptocurrencies (FX guide)

The value of bitcoin crashed to its lowest level this year, with many mainstream investors steering clear due to concerns over poor regulatory oversight and undeveloped market infrastructure, compounded by price volatility.

Our [CRYPTO] FX guide showcased all the crypto coverage, including real-time BTC/USD spot prices from the Bitstamp and itBit exchanges, prices and key data for new BTC futures contracts, and cross-rates for bitcoin and other cryptos.

The guide also included news and developments from Reuters and other sources.

Crypto app. How Eikon apps and tools covered 2018
Crypto app


The political calendar featured elections coverage in our Decision LatAm app [ELEAT], with the three biggest countries in Latin America all electing new presidents.

In Italy, within our Decision Europe app [DECEU], we covered the tense three months of negotiations ahead of the coalition agreement.

Our Decision Africa app also expanded as 20 African countries elected their leaders this year, including Zimbabwe in its first election without Robert Mugabe since independence in 1980.

Decision Africa app. How Eikon apps and tools covered 2018
The Decision Africa app


2018 has been an annus horribilis for Prime Minister, Theresa May, negotiating a Brexit deal that both Britain and the EU will find acceptable whilst battling with multiple resignations from her cabinet, and growing public pressure peaking with hundreds of thousands of people marching through London demanding a second referendum.

Our [BREXIT] app followed the highs and lows, curating unrivalled news and exclusives from Reuters and presenting relevant currency and other market data in an easily consumable chartbook through our partnership with Fathom Consulting.

Brexit app. How Eikon apps and tools covered 2018
The Brexit app

Trump administration

U.S. politics seems to never have a dull moment under Donald Trump.

Highlights included the U.S. withdrawing from the United Nations Human Rights Council, lifting and re-imposing sanctions on Iran, and holding a summit with North Korea. There was also the hotly contested mid-term elections.

Our [TRUMP] U.S. politics app gave a comprehensive overview, including dedicated pages on immigration, healthcare, the environment and policies. There were also Reuters/Ipsos opinion polls, analysis and commentary for users to monitor market activity following each development.

Trump Administration app. How Eikon apps and tools covered 2018
The Trump Administration app


Pyeongchang hosted the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

Despite concerns that the geopolitics of North and South Korea would impact the games, it was actually North Korea’s unforgettable cheerleaders and the athletes that managed to dominate the headlines.

From the doping scandal of the Russian curling team, to a dramatic hockey game between U.S. and Canada, our Winter Olympics 2018 app covered it all, bringing together the top stories, analysis and commentary from Reuters alongside relevant market data and video content to deliver the richest multimedia experience.

Winter Olympics 2018 app. How Eikon apps and tools covered 2018
The Winter Olympics 2018 app

Road to Russia

Over the summer, football interest reached fever pitch and our “Road to Russia” [WCUP] app proved to be just the tonic. Eikon users enjoyed a unique vantage point of all the games, ranging from on-the-ground reporting from Reuters journalists, stunning photography, video clips of memorable moments and real-time data from tournaments past and present.

On Eikon Messenger, the Global Sports Forum re-opened to much fanfare, offering the chance for members to ‘chat live’ with special guests, pundits and peers, and weigh-in on hotly contested issues such as VAR, goals and the transfer window.

“Road to Russia” [WCUP] app. How Eikon apps and tools covered 2018
The “Road to Russia” [WCUP] app
Competition was also fierce among GSF members keen to showcase their football knowledge via our daily quiz and enjoy a chance to win an international jersey of their choice.

Finally, we ran a series of World Cup-themed blogs, covering M&A rankings and the rising value of the World Cup trophy.

With all these Eikon apps and tools, users had easy access to the latest market and economic data, news and analysis, helping them to navigate political uncertainties and make informed decisions. Simply type the app name into your Eikon search to access them.

Don’t have Eikon? Register for a free trial today.

How Eikon apps and tools covered 2018