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How hyper-personalisation is key to success in wealth management

Sabrina Bailey
Sabrina Bailey
Global Head of Wealth Management, LSEG

A recent Refinitiv report highlights that since investor preferences do not always line up with wealth management industry trends, adopting a one-size-fits-all approach based on age or assets is unlikely to yield results.

  1. Investor demand for personalisation is driven by the expectation of sophisticated digital engagement and capabilities.
  2. Refinitiv’s latest wealth report uncovers key insights from over 1,500 investors around the world and explores how wealth management firms can personalise their strategies to drive future client loyalty.
  3. Each investor should be viewed as an individual, with individual needs, preferences, and requirements.

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Personalisation is no longer just a client preference, but an expectation.

In the wake of COVID-19, the most successful wealth managers personalised their products and services to give their clients confidence that the advice and technology at their disposal were created specifically for them.

Our latest Refinitiv report highlights just how important it is for wealth firms to understand each client’s individual needs, so that they can combine specific preferences with the right tools and expertise to deliver a compelling experience.

Ultimately, our research underscores the value of wealth advisors and the people behind the screens in achieving the personal touch.

Perhaps this sentiment is best summed up by one U.S.-based mass-affluent investor, who commented that: “An advisor’s understanding of clients’ emotional needs can’t be replaced with technology.”

Download our latest wealth report to discover key insights and trends from over 1500 investors

Download our latest wealth report to discover key insights and trends from over 1500 investors

The personal touch in wealth management

A common misconception is that personalisation and a compelling digital experience is more relevant for younger investors. Our headline finding is that personalisation is a high priority across investor age categories.

We found that 64 percent of millennials and 51 percent of investors aged 35-54 are willing to pay more for personalised investing products and services.

To achieve hyper-personalisation through the delivery of relevant data, analytics and insights, sophisticated digital capabilities are essential. For many, but certainly not all, the digital capabilities of a wealth provider are of paramount importance when choosing or switching providers.

Our research uncovered that 35 percent of millennials and 34 percent of investors aged 35-54 say that this is the most important criterion for making provider decisions.

These figures challenge perceptions that millennials value digital engagement more than all other age groups and highlights, once again, that investors are individuals who require bespoke advice and investment opportunities.

Download our latest wealth report to discover key insights and trends from over 1500 investors

Are advisors still adding value?

A key consideration for most investors when seeking a personalised investing experience revolves around the value provided by a human advisor, especially in the face of accelerated digitalisation and data accessibility.

Interestingly, 47 percent of those under-35 say that technology will make advisors more important in future, yet 33 percent of this demographic say that it will make them less important.

In the 35-54 age bracket, these two percentages correlate more closely, as 36 percent of investors opted for ‘more important’, and 31 percent said advisors would become essential to the wealth management experience.

This ultimately highlights that most investors expect technology to impact the advisor relationship going forward, but whether this affects the value driven by advisor-led investment is still up for debate.

Herein lies the opportunity for wealth managers to harness the power of technology to enhance, rather than diminish, their future roles: by using technology strategically, advisors can speak directly to individual client needs and deliver bespoke experiences that engender loyalty.

Getting personal: How wealth firms can attract and retain the modern investor

Future-proofing your strategy

At Refinitiv, we will support our clients as the wealth arena continues to evolve, remembering that the personal touch remains vital.

With survey responses indicating that traditional methods of communication – including mobile, face-to-face meetings, email and more – still find favour with investors across all age groups, keeping it personal has never been more vital.

How each wealth manager employs technology, data and human expertise will ultimately drive client loyalty going forward. Those who successfully leverage technology to enhance and improve the human touch, rather than replace it will find themselves best placed for future growth.

Download our latest wealth report to discover key insights and trends from over 1500 investors