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The tools and skills every corporate treasurer needs

Andrew Hollins
Andrew Hollins
Director of Corporate Treasury Proposition, Refinitiv

Ground-breaking research has highlighted the skills that corporate treasurers need to make million dollar decisions or manage financial market, credit and counterparty risks. How is Refinitiv providing them with the workflow tools, data and analytics to deliver a successful corporate treasury strategy?

  1. Research by Refinitiv has identified the skills every corporate treasurer needs, including the balance of hard and soft skill sets and ability to identify multiple financial risk factors.
  2. With Eikon and DataScope Select, Refinitiv offers treasurers unrivaled data, cutting-edge analytics and valuable insight into cross-asset financial risk factors.
  3. Ethical finance is seen as a high priority for today’s corporate treasurers, with Refinitiv’s ESG database able to build sustainability into a treasury strategy.

Refinitiv’s The Treasurer’s Toolkit – Unpacking the DNA of a Successful Treasurer in 2025 has identified the key trends in corporate treasury recruitment, including the requirement for a balance of hard and soft skills.

This pioneering piece of research reveals that the ability to identify and manage risks to a business is consistently seen as the most important hard skill set for corporate treasury candidates to possess when firms look to hire new candidates.

Treasurers are faced with the challenge of identifying and managing multiple financial risk factors, including FX, credit, liquidity, interest rate and operational risk.

Today’s corporate treasurer must also understand the drivers behind these risk factors as well as market volatility and trends, in order to build effective risk management and hedging strategies.

Risk management. The tools and skills every corporate treasurer needs

Timely access to the right tools and information is of critical importance. With Eikon and DataScope Select, Refinitiv offers corporate treasurers unrivaled data, cutting-edge analytics and valuable insight into cross asset financial risk factors through:

  • Reliable consensus forecasts and historical analysis from Reuters polls, including FX and central bank polls.
  • FX and FI analysts from IFR Markets and Reuters situated in the key financial market centers help treasurers understand the implications of the latest news and identify risk/opportunity with intra-day analysis and commentary.
  • Cash and derivative FX and Money Markets pricing across 500 currencies from trusted sources in over 100 countries.
  • Complete Rates pricing information from all inter-dealer brokers including ICAP, Tullet, Tradition, BGC and GFI.
  • Exclusive Tradeweb Swap prices on the most traded currencies and instruments.
  • Commodities raw materials and hedging prices across Energy, Metals, Agriculture and Shipping as well as leading market news, insight and forecasts of future price drivers.

To allow treasurers to optimize their hedging strategies, Refinitiv’s Eikon provides independent, market-standard analytics through an integrated suite of FX and Rates derivatives calculators, including Swap Points and Outrights, Swap Pricer and FX Options Calculator.

There’s also a multi-asset derivative portfolio valuation app based on the same transparent market standard analytics.

The tools and skills every corporate treasurer needs. The tools and skills every corporate treasurer needs

Monitoring ESG performance

Another key insight uncovered by Refinitiv’s research revealed that ethical finance consistently ranked as the most desirable area of work experience for corporate treasury candidates to possess.

Refinitiv maintains one of the richest ESG databases in the industry and serves as a fully transparent resource that is trusted by investors and corporates to drive positive impact and provide comprehensive analysis.

With Refinitiv’s environmental, social, and governance data and services covering thousands of companies, building sustainability into treasury strategy is easy to action and monitor:

  • Look up competitors and view their ESG performance.
  • Benchmark ESG performance relative to industry averages.
  • Use ESG insights to narrow down areas of focus and set attainable goals.
  • Visualize and structure ESG data in various ways with the Templates Add-on feature allowing tailored messaging opportunities.
  • Customize visualization of specific data to ensure partners and various teams receive only information that is relevant to them.
  • Easily integrate rich ESG data across different applications to facilitate seamless enhancement of traditional treasury workflows through an ESG lens.
  • With custom ratings in Eikon, financial teams can expand their purpose-built financial and scoring models created in Eikon to incorporate ESG information and data.
  • See the impact of ESG considerations on financial and investment plans, with fully flexible and customizable data and analysis tools.

Formulating and understanding the big picture, empowers corporate treasurers with the knowledge they need to plan for the future, and drum up the necessary support they need from the rest of the business to implement change.

Ethical finance. The tools and skills every corporate treasurer needs

Cash and liquidity management

For treasurers looking to work for mega-businesses with turnovers of more than US$10 billion, Refinitiv’s special report found that cash and liquidity management is seen as the most import skill set for treasury candidates to demonstrate.

Treasurers in these mega-businesses are expected to maintain working capital and short-term finance, manage FX exposure and operations, establish efficient trade workflows, and identify and meet new regulatory requirements.

Refinitiv’s Eikon and the FXall electronic trading platform help treasurers optimize short-term liquidity versus long-term borrowing with access to the widest range of information.

Eikon includes money market views including fixings deposits, repos, central bank rates, commercial paper, short-term interest rates, banker acceptances, zero curves, and interest rate derivatives.

What the corporate treasurer needs

As corporate treasurers make million-dollar decisions every day, they require accurate and relevant data, tools, and analytics that can be accessed easily and intuitively.

They need dynamic information they can count on throughout their workflow and throughout their day. Above all, corporate treasurers need to manage risk in all its forms — from financial market to credit and counterparty risks.

Discover how Refinitiv can help corporate treasurers and treasury functions achieve success

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