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Brexit 2019: Special coverage in the GMF

Lesli Fairchild
Lesli Fairchild
Global Head of News, Refinitiv

As Britain heads towards Brexit, the Global Markets Forum on Eikon Messenger helps financial professionals make sense of the uncertainty around the event. Get trusted Brexit news and analysis from Reuters and join the expert LiveChats on Eikon Messenger.

  1. Brexit 2019 financial markets coverage on Refinitiv includes trusted news and data via Eikon, with cutting-edge insight from the the world’s largest leading news provider, Reuters.
  2. The Global Markets Forum on Eikon Messenger is hosting a special series of Brexit interviews with distinguished guests, with participants also able to join the debate.
  3. Recent LiveChats have included interviews with former Goldman Sachs Asset Management chairman Jim O’Neill and the ex-Brexit minister Lord Bridges.

The timing of Britain’s expected departure from the European Union has been delayed by two or more weeks, prolonging the Brexit Day uncertainty for financial markets.

The final outcome will determine the role Britain will play on the world stage for decades to come and the effect on financial markets may be as profound as the whole Brexit debacle itself.

The impact of Brexit 2019

Europe remains Britain’s most important export market and its biggest source of foreign investment. Being a member of the bloc has helped London cement its role as a global financial centre, but that position could erode if leaving the EU triggers an exodus of companies.

The UK government expects the country’s economy to grow anywhere from four to nine percent less over the next 15 years than it would were it to remain inside the bloc. Everything depends on the type of deal it has when it leaves. The likelihood of a no-deal Brexit remains high.

The uncertainty surrounding Brexit presents a great opportunity for you to leverage the depth and breadth of Refinitiv’s coverage, including access to trusted news and market-leading data via Eikon that can help you make sound Brexit-related decisions.

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Brexit app from Eikon

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Brexit App in Eikon. Brexit Day: The best financial markets coverage is on GMF

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For even deeper insight, the Global Markets Forum (GMF) will host a special series of guest interviews as British lawmakers decide whether to back a deal they feel does not offer a clean break from the EU, or reject it and accept that Brexit could be watered down—or thwarted by a delay till June 30 or even longer.

In recent days, LiveChat interviewees have included the economist and former chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Jim O’Neill, and the ex-Brexit minister Lord Bridges.

Global Markets Forum: Brexit Special. Brexit Day: The best financial markets coverage is on GMF

Join the conversation via Global Markets Forum to:

• Get the latest Brexit news and analysis, plus live coverage from Reuters.
• Gain valuable insights from distinguished guests via our LiveChat interviews.
• Debate issues, exchange ideas and network with your peers in the financial services industry.

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Join us in the Global Markets Forum, which free and exclusive to Eikon Messenger standalone users and Eikon subscribers, as we host a special Brexit series of expert LiveChats as British lawmakers must decide whether to back PM May’s deal or face a potentially chaotic departure from the EU on April 12.

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