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Five innovation predictions for 2025: What does the future hold for science and technology?

Editorial Team

Predicting what is to come is an essential part of the life for financial professionals all over the world. We share our 5 predictions that will help the financial sector research, innovate and commercialize based on tomorrow’s inventions.

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It’s human nature to want to know what’s coming. As far back as one can look in history, humans have tried to predict everything from the weather and rise and fall of tides to, in more recent times, stock performance and who will reign as champion in a sporting event.

Based on research from our IP & Science business, the next decade promises a pace and scope of innovation that is unrivaled, not only in our time, but any time.  The significance of the role that innovation will play leading into 2015 cannot be overstated, as lives are saved, people are fed, quality of life is enhanced and our environment is improved for future generations.

The group has compiled a paper outlining 10 innovation predictions for the world in 2025, based on research done by our analysts. You can download the full whitepaper here.

What will the major innovations impacting our world in 2025 be?


Methods for harvesting, storing and converting solar energy are so advanced and efficient that it becomes the primary source of energy on our planet.

Thanks to improvements in photovoltaic technology, chemical bonding, photocatalysts and three-dimensional nanoscale heterojunctions, the use of the sun as the world’s primary source of energy is no longer for the environmentally-conscious select; it is for the masses.


Advancements in lighting technologies and imaging techniques, coupled with genetic crop modification, provide an environment ripe for successful indoor crop growth and detecting diseased foods.

Simultaneous revolutions in both lighting technologies and imaging techniques will have far reaching effects in the next decade. Advancements in Organic Light Emitting Diodes, LCD and plasma technologies, alongside three-dimensional displays coupled with hyperspectral imaging, will improve year-round crop growth, helping feed the world’s eight billion people and overcoming environmental changes that will affect traditional farming.


Light-weight aerospace engineering coupled with new battery technologies power electric vehicle transportation – on land and in the air.

Getting from point A to point B will be significantly different in 2025 from how it happens today. Cars and airplanes will still exist, but they will be smarter, battery-powered, able to travel longer distances and more light-weight. Advancements in non-carbon-based fuel sources, including lithium-ion batteries, reversible hydrogen storage options, nanomaterials in fuel cells and thin-film batteries will all contribute to this reality.


From the smallest personal items to the largest continents, everything everywhere will be digitally connected, and responsive to our wants and likes.

Thanks to the prevalence of improved semiconductors, graphene-carbon nanotube capacitors, cell-free networks of service antenna and 5G technology, wireless communications will dominate everything, everywhere.


Kinematical techniques used to understand the Higgs Boson particles generated in the Large Hadron Collider advance such that quantum teleportation is more commonplace. We are on the precipice of this field’s explosion; it is truly an emerging research front. Early indicators point to a rapid acceleration of research leading to the testing of quantum teleportation in 2025 – while not yet of humans, it will include other forms of matter.

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A lot will change between now and 2025, but the information and analysis that was used to make these predictions will continue to play a valuable role in helping you maximize the opportunities you face in the business world between now, 2025 and beyond.

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