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Gain better insight into evaluated pricing

Cristina Rosales
Cristina Rosales
Client Relations, Lead Evaluated Fixed Income and Derivative Pricing

In volatile financial markets, customers require more efficient evaluated pricing insights. How can Refinitiv’s Evaluation Connect help them accomplish this aim?

  1. Dynamic financial markets are posing many challenges, including COVID-19 market volatility, increasing Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) oversight, and SEC Rule 2a-5.
  2. Insight into evaluated fixed income and derivative pricing from pricing vendors is crucial for customers.
  3. How are you able to connect more efficiently with the Refinitiv Evaluated Pricing Service and gain evaluation pricing insight?

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Today’s financial markets are extremely dynamic. For example, market volatility due to COVID-19, increasing PCAOB oversight, and SEC Rule 2a-5.

Customers require quality evaluated fixed income and derivative pricing from their pricing vendors. Insight into these evaluations is therefore essential.

Affected customers not only submit pricing queries, but they also now have internal governance teams that require access to in-depth details behind evaluations. Details include recorded trade activity, the observable and unobservable inputs used, reliability of quotes, and the quote sources.

So, how can customers gain evaluation insight and connect with the Refinitiv Evaluated Pricing Service more efficiently?

Evaluated pricing service: Pricing valuations you can count on

Evaluated pricing insight

The primary platform to accomplish this is by submitting price challenges using Evaluation Connect, the newly renamed online price challenge and transparency platform, which is hosted on the Refinitiv DataScope Select website.

The Refinitiv Evaluated Pricing Service provides independent evaluated pricing globally and daily, and it covers 2.6 million fixed income securities, syndicated bank loans, and derivatives, including hard to value assets.

A key component of our evaluation service is to show the relevant transparency that addresses customers’ risk, reporting, and compliance needs.

How can Evaluation Connect help customers?

Evaluation Connect, formerly known as AskTRPS, has been available on the Refinitiv DataScope Select platform since 2015 to existing global customers at no additional cost.

On this platform, price challenges are sent directly to the evaluation team in real-time without requiring support from the Refinitiv help desk.

The challenge submissions are hosted in a centralized location that allows customers to create, track, and manage price challenges through intuitive on-screen controls and statistical report generation capabilities.

Key benefits to using Evaluation Connect are:

  1. Integrated as part of the DataScope Select web-interface
  2. Single and multi-bond challenge submissions
  3. Access pricing transparency details
  4. Select various standard market snapshot times
  5. API (Application Programming Interface) function

With Evaluation Connect integrated as part of the DataScope Select web-interface, it is as a one-stop destination to not only review pricing and analytics but also to submit challenges and price requests.

The platform also allows customers to submit single and multi-bond challenges on specific snapshot times including intraday and/or end of day pricing. Customers also receive email notifications between submission and resolution times.

In addition to the web-interface access, Refinitiv also provides, as an alternative, an API function that would adhere to the customer’s preferred delivery mechanism to minimize any disruption to the their existing workflow.

The goal of the Refinitiv Evaluated Pricing Service is to ensure that we provide robust, transparent details and accurate fair market value on all instruments held by all customers.

For existing customers currently using AskTRPS, there is no action required. The launch of the Evaluation Connect seamlessly replaces AskTRPS under the Refinitiv brand name.

Evaluated pricing service: Pricing valuations you can count on

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