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The Value of Data in the Age of Uncertainty

Join Perspectives LIVE host Keesa Shreane as she speaks with an array of guests about the importance of the value of data. Joining will be Amanda West, Global Head of Innovation Enablement Strategy, Greg Williams, Editor in Chief at WIRED Magazine, Anthony Luciani, Quantitative Researcher at MarketPsych and Mark Esposito, Ph.D, Co-Founder & Chief Learning Officer of Nexus FrontierTech.

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The value of quality data continues to increase since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and overall global uncertainty. Experts from Innovation Enablement Strategy, MarketPsych, Nexus FrontierTech, and Wired Magazine, discuss the value of this data, as well as the latest WIRED and Refinitiv report, answering these questions and more!

  • Data is being described as the new ‘oil.’ How much of that statement is true and why?
  • Although we’ve had an explosion of data in recent years, how has 2020’s pandemic impacted the importance of quality over the quantity of data being digested?
  • Has the value of data changed the way that machine learning and artificial intelligence has been adopted by the financial industry?

Join us on Tuesday, December 1st for the Refinitiv Perspectives LIVE episode ‘The Value of Data in the Age of Uncertainty.’

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