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The impact of Trump’s China trade dispute

President Trump’s trade dispute with China is causing investors, analysts and corporates to seek meaningful information around tariffs and their impact.

  1. Sifting through all the information in relation to the trade dispute is a major challenge for organizations.
  2. Analysts are asking questions about Trump tariffs on earnings calls, meaning firms must prepare responses to the variety of possible scenarios.
  3. The Eikon Search & Discover app drills into multiple sources of unstructured text with a single search so firms can cut through the noise.

President Trump’s pledge to level the playing field with trade partners through tariffs has escalated tensions with trading partners, and has had the effect of pulling companies on to the frontline of the news.

Sell-side analysts are going through corporate filings, earnings calls and investor meetings for any previously disclosed information on revenues, supply chain data, partners and product sourcing specific to regions such as China.

They are also using earnings calls to obtain further transparency from company management, to which companies have to oblige.

Companies themselves are using filings, earnings calls and investor conferences to understand how other firms in their industry are responding to the potential impact of tariffs.

The Search & Discover app navigates multiple sources of unstructured text with a single search so firms can access all available information, and at the same time cut through any noise.

Will trade policy really change?

Whether trade policy will permanently change remains open to debate, given the track record of the current administration.

There is no shortage of commentary on the issue, ranging from trade associations and columnists at news outlets to sell-side analysts at major banks and the corporate leaders who have a direct stake in the outcome.

Sifting through all of this is a challenge without the right tools.

Getting ahead and acting quickly

To find firms potentially affected by the Trump tariffs, a simple search in the Eikon Search & Discover app — using ‘Trump tariffs’ pulls up a broad range of information immediately.

Analysts can refine this search by just adding the industry that they cover or a Watchlist name to the search, resulting in a focused result showing the firms where tariffs have been discussed.

For example, companies can use the Search and Discover app to understand what peers are saying in their filings and conference calls:

Search and Discover app: Century Aluminium
Search and Discover app: Century Aluminium

Sell-side analysts can use Search & Discover app to examine company and industry commentary.

Search and Discover app: Tesla
Search and Discover app: Tesla

Drilling into sources of unstructured text

The Search & Discover capability in Eikon enables users to quickly navigate multiple and disparate sources of unstructured text, such as news filings and research, all via a single search.

Eikon thus serves as the central workflow tool to search and analyze all structured and unstructured data in the investment decision making process.

Mahesh Narayan, Head of Portfolio Management & Research, said: “Being able to quickly search, navigate and extract meaningful information, in this manner, will greatly improve productivity among our Eikon analyst and PM users.”

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