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Ending Modern Slavery in Supply Chains

The 25th March was International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade. Refinitiv shone a spotlight on a special Perspectives LIVE episode with a focus on ending modern slavery in supply chains.

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Guests Che Sidanius, Rani Hong, CEO of Freedom Seal and Irina Bukharin, Senior Analyst at C4ADS, joined host Keesa Schreane to discuss the challenges the world and financial industry face in the fight against modern slavery, answering these questions and more!

  • How has Refinitiv been working to identify and highlight jurisdictions where modern slavery is still being used in supply chains?
  • During the peak of the pandemic, many supply chains fell foul with companies having been identified in using slavery within manufacturing. With the identification of the issue, might there be an opportunity to restructure the way we look at supply chains and the due diligence that is needed when doing business?
  • What can organisations, governments and institutions do to oppose and eradicate modern slavery, not just in supply chains but throughout the world?

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