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Meet the UK’s top 30 social influencers in risk, compliance and regtech

Kelvin Lee
Kelvin Lee
Director, Social Media for Financial & Risk

Who are the most influential thought-leaders and thinkers on social media, in risk management, compliance and regtech in the UK? Our list ranks the individuals whose posts drive ideas and promote change within the sector.

Our annual Risk Summit, which took place in London on April 25, 2017, is focused on the disruptive opportunities that innovative new technologies and approaches are bringing to the risk and compliance sector.

The summit, Riding the Disruption Wave, brings together almost 1,000 clients, partners and thought leaders from across the industry.

So there can be no better occasion for us to launch the world’s first ranking of the UK’s most influential social media thought-leaders in the risk management, compliance and regtech sectors.

Through their use of innovative and disruptive media, these leading 30 individuals contribute to the growth and vibrancy of this fast-moving sector.

How was the list compiled and ranked?

To produce the influencer list, we worked with a team of analysts at Onalytica and OST Marketing, both specialists in social media, to create a list of almost 400 influencers in the sector.

This initial list was based on four key metrics, largely using Twitter data:

  1. Impressions: how many times their posts appeared in social streams.
  2. Relevance: how closely they are associated with an agreed list of keywords.
  3. Resonance: how much their posts are engaged with.
  4. Reach: how many people their posts reach.

The list was then sorted according to Topical Engagement, which is a combination of Relevance (number of on-topic posts) and Resonance (normalized engagement score), and which enabled us to produce our final standings and identify the top 30.

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Who are the top 30 influencers in UK?

The influencers we have listed are people who write insightful blog posts, share up-to-the-minute news and drive topical debate on Twitter. They are the vocal few who drive ideas and promote change.

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The list covers a wide range of roles, sectors and skill-sets and includes business leaders, media professionals, analysts and practitioners. Their sole unifying quality is that they are active on social media and respected within their field.

Among the leading influencers identified are:

  • David Doughty (@DavidDoughty) — Corporate governance expert and business mentor who works with company directors to assist them in building their boards and ensuring they’re as effective as they possibly can be. David discusses a range of topics online, from corporate governance to compliance and risk management.
  • Jane Walshe — A regtech entrepreneur who ranks on our list as a result of her regular posts on conduct risk and regtech.
  • Mike Wright (@MikeWrightQ) — Responsible for delivering risk management, cyber security and global investigation services, Mike can be found commenting on anti-money laundering and data breaches. With over 8,200 Twitter followers and a relevancy score of 925 he’s definitely a voice to be trusted.
  • Neira Jones (@NeiraJones) — A trusted voice when it comes to information security and data breaches, Neira has more than 8,400 followers on Twitter. She can often be found discussing cyber crime and fraud.
  • Christian McMahon (@ChristianMcM) — A leading voice in the regtech sector who regularly shares his thoughts on digital transformation.
  • David M. Brear (@DavidBrear) — Host of the number one iTunes fintech and banking podcast, David has over 28,000 Twitter followers and shares his comments on everything from digital banking to banking innovators.

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