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Wealth management: Cut through the noise to deliver actionable insights for investors

Sarlota Hohwald
Sarlota Hohwald
Director, Content Solutions Wealth Management Platform

With the right data, insights and analytics, wealth advisors and investors can filter through volumes of market, stock, fund and other data, pinpoint relevant information and make better investment decisions with efficacy.

  1. Advisors and investors face an information overload due to high volumes of data and content now available.
  2. They need to cut through the noise quickly and efficiently to generate ideas and make confident decisions.
  3. Our capabilities and solutions help advisors and investors filter through volumes of data and distil findings into actionable insights to make the right investments.

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Finding the signal in the noise

The digital revolution continues to sweep the wealth industry, bringing with it change at unprecedented levels to match the needs of an evolving breed of tech-savvy investors. At the same time, the data revolution continues apace, with ever-increasing volumes of data and content always available.

This data delivers significant opportunities for wealth advisors and self-directed investors to understand more about potential investments than ever before and can power their investment decisions to maximise financial well-being.

On the other hand, too much data can lead to challenges. Not only must volumes of data be managed, but the ability to find the signal in the noise has become crucial to success in the wealth space.

The reality is that advisors and investors face a data and information overload, one that is compounded by other factors, including increased market volatility and the relentless pace of change in highly dynamic markets.

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Investor Solutions: Flexible and intuitive digital solutions that help advisors create a compelling and personalised experience for investors

Making confident investment decisions

Wealth advisors and investors need to be able to pinpoint relevant information within volumes of incoming data so that they can correctly identify opportunities, navigate risks and make more confident investment decisions. In a fast-paced market, they also need to be able to do this at speed.

Filtering through all the data takes time; so, to generate confident ideas quickly and efficiently, advisors and investors need to be able to look at unbiased, quantitative research and ratings alongside traditional, trusted financial information, analytics and insights that are all targeted to portfolio, interests, goals and tolerances.

Mobile access to portfolio information, real-time data, trading solutions and more is essential to gather and distil the data required to make confident investments.

A recent Refinitiv report found that 46 percent of investors access account information via a mobile app. Seventy-two percent of millennials and 56 percent in the 35-54 age bracket use mobile apps to access their account information, more than any other channel.

46% of investors access account information via a mobile app

Distilling data into actionable insights

With our range of proprietary solutions, advisors and investors can distil data into actionable insights to generate better ideas and make more informed investment decisions. 

Generate ideas with exchange traded funds (ETFs) ratings and insights

Refinitiv’s ETF Reports Plus solution can help to reveal new investment ideas by streamlining research of the overall ETF market using proprietary ETF ratings.

ETF Reports Plus offers an advanced rating system, peer analysis and automated highlights to boost efficiency, historical trend information, current performance insights and more.

With an emphasis on transparency, ETF Reports Plus delivers coverage across-the-globe and includes equity and bond ETFs.

Advisors and investors may streamline the research and investment selection process, and receive reliable and timely data, so they can focus on best-in-class funds while saving time.​

Analysing ETF performance, comparing scores with peers and identifying recent changes in ratings help advisors and investors to filter through ETF data and support investment decisions and strategies.

Optimise investment selection with stock reports insights and analysis

Advisors and investors can optimise investment selection by simplifying the process of evaluating stocks, finding new trading ideas and understanding industry trends with Stock Reports Plus – which delivers quantitative analysis at stock, industry, portfolio and market levels.

Stock Reports Plus delivers insights into key scoring factors including earnings trends, valuations relative to peers, risk, insider trading activity and more so that investors may generate new ideas or reveal potential candidates.

With expansive coverage across 50 markets, the solution helps filter through data by offering objective recommendations based on market information, automated highlighting of important data and daily updates on relevant data points to guide confident investments.


Add value to investment strategies with fund ratings, insights and comparisons

Generate ideas for investment strategies that will influence fund purchases, by receiving comprehensive fund coverage data and comparing similar funds with Lipper.

Lipper helps investors develop an easily digestible view of fund information and monitors fund positions.​ Investors can personalise their fund research when accessing our global fund coverage of 335,000 collective investments in over 80 countries.

The ratings, comparisons and range of performance and analytical data allow investors to filter through the noise and single out top-performing funds and fund managers, for optimal investment strategies.

In a dynamic and competitive space characterised by information overload, both wealth advisors and investors need the right technology and solutions to help them pinpoint relevant data within volumes of incoming information.

Those that succeed in finding the signal in the noise will be best placed to generate better investment ideas and optimise their investment decisions for long-term success.

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Investor Solutions: Flexible and intuitive digital solutions that help advisors create a compelling and personalised experience for investors


How do you optimise investment selection analysis?

Advisors and investors can optimise investment selection by simplifying the process of evaluating stocks, finding new trading ideas and understanding industry trends.