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Working with Refinitiv

Customer stories

See how customers are using Refinitiv data, technology and solutions to solve complex challenges and succeed in financial markets.

Trusted by more than 40,000 customers globally

Read and watch stories from our customers about how they partnered with us to prepare their businesses to advance at the speed of change.

A customer story: UnionBank

Digitizing an FX trading system requires far more than real-time data


Their seamless integration into our core banking system aligned with our agile delivery strategy.

Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) – one of the country's largest digital banks – embarked on a digital transformation strategy to transition its FX service from manual to digital.

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Empowering impact-focused investors with ESG data

Interactive Brokers explains how it offers cutting-edge ESG solutions to high-net-worth investors and how its Impact Dashboard tool powered by Refinitiv data allows its customers to tailor their investment choices to reflect their personal values.

Investing in technology and data-driven education

ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences explains why it has rolled out Refinitiv Workspace to enable its students and teaching staff to advance their research and studies with cutting-edge technology and an unrivalled depth and breadth of data.

How to raise hedge fund capital

We spoke to Chauwei Yak, GAO Capital’s Founder and CEO, who explains how raising capital during the Covid-19 pandemic – for the company’s fund strategy as an institutional-class hedge fund – was made possible thanks to implementing Refinitiv AlphaDesk.

Launching a hedge fund with confidence

We spoke to FACT Capital about how the New York-based hedge fund sought out the best cloud-based trading systems to ensure a robust and up-to-speed foundation that would help facilitate the fund’s scale-up goals.

Advancing hybrid university education models

We spoke to Doctor Susana Sousa Santos at Universidad Europea in Madrid to discuss how the university has adapted during the COVID-19 pandemic by using technology to quickly roll out flexible teaching and learning experiences. 

Improving the efficiency of company risk checks

We spoke to Sansan, an award-winning Japanese cloud-based business card management company, that worked in partnership with Refinitiv to reduce time-consuming, errorprone manual anti-social forces (ASF) company checks.

Managing risk in the fast-growing global cryptocurrency market

We spoke to CoinJar, Australia's longest-running digital currency exchange, to find out how the company champions risk management as a central pillar of its growth strategy.

Enhancing pan-European liquidity and execution in energy trading through digitization, trust and openness

Enmacc outlines how connecting its platform with Refinitiv's established power and gas trading community on Refinitiv® Eikon® Messenger lets the company manage hundreds of requests for quotes every day, helping to boost liquidity across markets and achieve our mission to make energy trading execution more digital.

A compliance partnership that's putting the Afghan banking industry on the map

We spoke to the Ravi Ramani Iyer, Chief Compliance Officer at Azizi Bank, one of Afghanistan's leading banks. He talked about how the bank’s partnership with Refinitiv is a crucial step toward the automation of compliance in the company as well as the country's growing banking sector.

How a major UK transport firm turned vulnerability into agility

When a major UK transport company spoke to Refinitiv about putting together a tailored treasury solution, the team were unaware that they were laying the foundations for an award-winning solution with a more holistic view of risk and agile decision-making.

We asked the company's Corporate Treasury team to tell us more.

Solving Sberbank's pain points


SberBank needed to change business processes amid regulatory changes, while not affecting its burgeoning growth.

Watch how SberBank worked with Refinitiv to structure its investment and advisory to ensure the right data and the best investment offers were available to its clients.

Customer testimonies

What our customers say about us

We like how Refinitiv mobilizes its partners to come up with ideas and share them in a culture of openness and collaboration.
Jens Hartmann
Co-Founder & CEO, Enmacc

We found TonnEdge pricing to be the most accurate across the major shipping sectors and it is closely in line with our internal valuations.
Angelika Kemene, CEO & Founder
Optima Shipping Services

We see our partnership going much further as their solution and expertise give us comfort and help us move forward.
Ravi Ramani Iyer
CCO, Azizi Bank