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Executive team

David Craig

Chief Executive Officer 

David Craig

David believes that the financial community needs to quicken the pace of progress in serving global economies through openness, technology and collaboration. To make this a reality he oversees the Refinitiv operations in 150 countries equipping our customers with trusted data, insights and technologies from Refinitiv and over 2,200 partners through our open platform to drive performance and fast track innovation.

David is passionate about the power of technology, information and innovation to enable “smarter humans with smarter machines” and create a more sustainable, customer-focused and effective financial community. He is an advisor and investor to several FinTech start-ups and a leader on the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Digital Disruption Innovation Group on digital identities and federated ledgers (Blockchain) and also sits on the WEF AI and Automation in Financial Services steering committee.

Before leading Refinitiv, David was President of the Financial & Risk business division of Thomson Reuters starting in 2012. He joined Thomson Reuters in 2007 serving first as Chief Strategy Officer of Thomson Reuters and then starting and running the compliance and risk business. Prior to Thomson Reuters, David was a partner at McKinsey, focusing on technology, media and banking.

John Finch

Chief Information Officer

John Finch

John leads the enterprise technology and cyber security organization. Together the team develops, operates and secures all Refinitiv products, infrastructure and technology including our open platform, which enables customers to access an industry-leading breadth of applications, tools and content.

John is a passionate believer in the opportunities that education creates to reshape industries and lives. He was previously a board member of Nottingham University and a strategic technology advisor to the Royal Society of Medicine, a UK charity dedicated to providing training and education to healthcare professionals.

Prior to Refinitiv, John joined Thomson Reuters in 2016 as Chief Technology Officer for the Financial & Risk business division. Previously he was Chief Information Officer (CIO) and an Executive Director of the Bank of England and before that Global CIO of Experian.

Debra Walton

Chief Customer Proposition Officer 

Debra Walton

Debra leads the team that designs Refinitiv’s innovative data feed, desktop and transaction propositions. She also drives the open platform strategy broadening through partnership the choice customers have enabling them to thrive in an ever changing environment.

Debra is a tireless advocate of gender equality and speaks globally on this topic. She is an advisory board member at Springboard, a New York based nonprofit that brings together entrepreneurs, investors, and industry experts to help women take their business plans to market. Debra is also a board member on the Tradeweb Board of Managers

Prior to her leadership role in Refinitiv, Debra led Customer Proposition for the Financial & Risk business division of Thomson Reuters. She had joined the company in 2003 and held a number of leadership roles including Chief Content Officer.

Brian West

Chief Financial Officer 

Brian West

Brian leads the finance team, driving Refinitiv’s financial and operational success with responsibility for financial strategy and capital structure, resource investment & optimization and ensuring transparency to our shareholders and investors. He leads commercial strategy and policy, sourcing and real estate management, and oversees the ongoing process improvements across the business. 

Before his current role in Refinitiv, Brian was Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Operations at Oscar Health and prior to that was Chief Financial Officer and then Chief Operating Officer of Nielsen. Previously, Brian spent 16 years at General Electric in senior finance roles at Aircraft Engines, Plastics, and NBCUniversal.

Emily DiMiceli

Chief Customer Operations Officer

Emily Dimiceli

Emily leads the teams that deliver Refinitiv’s industry-leading content and insights underpinned by expert delivery, administration and support services.

She is passionate about supporting open-minded, high energy and highly connected communities across our global client base, employee footprint and in our local communities. She accomplishes this most directly as leading the largest employee population in the Refinitiv portfolio - covering over 45 countries globally. She is also the site Leader for Refinitiv’s New York City office and is a strong advocate of volunteerism across our locations.

Prior to Refinitiv, Emily led Customer Operations for the Financial & Risk business division of Thomson Reuters. Having joined Thomson Reuters in 2004 she held a variety of leadership roles including Senior Vice President, Strategy for Thomson Reuters at the corporate level.

Jan-Coos Geesink

Chief Revenue Officer 

Jan-Coos Geesink

Jan-Coos leads all sales, relationship management and market development activities for Refinitiv. His team brings the entire range of Refinitiv solutions to customers meeting global, regional and local requirements.

Jan-Coos has lived and worked in six countries on three continents and is passionate about our global business being deeply rooted in local markets. He is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in its broadest definition and sits on the investment committee of the Social Business Trust, whose mission is to support high growth potential social enterprises to scale up their impact.

Prior to Refinitiv, Jan-Coos led the Sales & Marketing function for the Financial & Risk business division of Thomson Reuters since 2016. He joined Thomson Reuters in 2011, as Senior Vice President for Financial Crime and Reputational Risk, later leading the Thomson Reuters Legal business in the UK and Ireland.

Alex Fergus

Chief People Officer 

Alex Fergus

Alex and his team are responsible for creating and maintaining Refinitiv’s high-performance culture. He leads all people functions including talent and organizational development, recruiting, benefits, compensation and business support.

Alex believes that the success of any company is driven by the quality of its people and the strength of its culture. He is committed to developing an environment that values boldness, originality and openness.

Prior to his role in Refinitiv, Alex led the Human Resources team for the Financial & Risk business division of Thomson Reuters. He joined Thomson Reuters in 2010 and had previously spent ten years at British Petroleum plc (BP) as Global HR director and three years at Castrol Lubricants as Global Head of HR. 

Darren Pocsik

General Counsel 

Darren Pocsik

Darren leads the legal, compliance and government affairs team responsible for ensuring compliance with laws and regulations applicable to our business. His team supports commercial contracting efforts, protects our intellectual property assets and enables mergers and acquisitions. 

Darren believes lawyers have an affirmative obligation to preserve and protect the rule of law and to support freedom of the press. He is committed to fostering an environment that encourages volunteering—especially in the area of pro bono legal support.

Darren served as General Counsel of the Financial & Risk business division of Thomson Reuters prior to his role at Refinitiv.  He joined Thomson Reuters in 2000 and held a number of senior legal roles at the company.  Prior to that he was an associate with the law firm Jones Day.

Eileen Lynch

Chief Marketing Officer 

Eileen Lynch

Eileen leads the global marketing, brand and communications team with a focus on bringing insight and understanding to the financial community, while driving revenue growth. Her team is the driving force behind the introduction and development of the Refinitiv brand.

Eileen is passionate about creating possibilities for individuals often forgotten. She is on the Board of Trustees of the Thomson Reuters Foundation, which shines a light into the darkness of human trafficking.  She is also a member of the Board of Directors of The Bob Woodruff Foundation, a nonprofit that helps create healthy, positive futures for our service members, veterans and their families.

Before Refinitiv, Eileen was the Chief Marketing Officer of the Financial & Risk business division of Thomson Reuters since July 2018. Prior to that role Eileen led Global Brand Marketing at Thomson Reuters for nearly nine years.  She came to the company from Merrill Lynch, where she was Managing Director of Corporate Marketing where she co-led the marketing transition for the Bank of America Merrill Lynch merger. 

Ben Shepherd

Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer 

Ben Shepherd

Ben and team set the Refinitiv medium to long-term strategy by understanding the market dynamics today and anticipating those of the future, while at all times looking for emerging opportunities. In support of the future strategy, Ben leads our mergers and acquisition activity in close collaboration with finance and our investors.

Ben believes that bringing an alternative view and healthy productive challenges to his Refinitiv colleagues helps ensure rigor in our beliefs and areas of investment be it time, people / capital resources.

Prior to Refinitiv, Ben was the Head of Strategy for the Financial & Risk business division of Thomson Reuters. Previous to Thomson Reuters, Ben was partner with the financial service advisory firm, Oliver Wyman, specializing in capital markets strategy.