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Our key milestones

Key milestones

Our highlights

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    Refinitiv is now part of LSEG (London Stock Exchange Group), a leading global financial markets infrastructure and data provider.

  2. 2

    Refinitiv Qual-ID offers a powerful combination of digital identity verification, document proofing, and risk screening via API technology.


    Combined digital identity verification and risk screening with Refinitiv Qual-ID

  3. 3

    Revealing the latest sentiment behind cloud technology, our new report shows 48% of financial services' IT budget will be invested in public cloud in 2020.


    Introducing the public cloud investment barometer - 2019 report

  4. 4

    Shareholders agree definitive terms with LSE to create a global financial market infrastructure provider, well-positioned for future growth. 

    An announcement on a blue background mentioning the London Stock Exchange Group acquisition.
  5. 5

    In order to meet demand from the global financial community for insight to develop trading and investment strategies, identify liquidity, and manage risk and reporting obligations, we significantly enhanced our coverage of data on China.

    A graph displaying China's FDI stock by country
  6. 6

    Delivering an even more powerful buy-side trading solution that is flexible, compliant, interoperable, and covers all segments of the trading workflow.

    Three employees sitting together with a large building behind them talking about AlphaDesk
  7. 7

    Addressing central banks’ needs around data residency and infrastructure costs, we help to unlock global capital markets, with $1 trillion facilitated so far.

    Data from eikon displaying data residency and infrastructure costs
  8. 8

    In a new independent report, we shift our focus from the impact of financial crime to innovation, revealing how emerging technologies and new collaborations are helping to fight financial crime.


    Innovation and the fight against Financial Crime – how data and technology can turn the tide?

  9. 9

    To help reflect and support local communities and combat climate change, we committed to three core pledges on environment, diversity and inclusion and sustainable solutions.

    Arial view of a lake in Iceland representing climate action
  10. 10

    Committed to driving positive change through data and insight, we join the UN’s Task Force on Digital Financing, charged with recommending strategies to harness the potential of financial technology that advances the Sustainable Development Goals.


    Driving leadership in sustainable finance

  11. 11

    Enabling the global investment community to identify investment opportunities around China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI), Refinitiv launches BRI Connect.


    Belt and Road Initiative Connect Breakdown

  12. 12

    Highlighting two core themes, financial crime and sustainable leadership, Refinitiv's onsite presence at the World Economic Forum included active engagement by our key executives including speaking roles and panelist participation.


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) - The star of Davos 2019

  13. 13

    Helping to build more balanced and fair financial services, Refinitiv joins 300 other signatories committed to supporting the progression of women into senior roles in financial services.

    A woman placing her right hand on a window
  14. 14

    QA Direct in the Cloud allows asset managers and hedge funds to get faster access to data for new quant initiatives and spend more time testing strategies, optimizing portfolios and managing risk.

    Different data figures being shown on a screen representing data for new quant initiatives
  15. 15

    Refinitiv and the Coalition to Fight Financial Crime assemble a panel of experts to discuss the rise of digital finance and crypto assets and gauged the views of a 700-strong audience.


    Highlights from Financial Crime Conversation: The Rise of Digital Finance and Crypto Assets

  16. 16

    Empowering Microsoft's customers with access to high quality, trusted financial data directly within Microsoft Excel, MSN Money and Bing, helping them to be more productive and make fast, informed decisions.

    An Excel sheet displaying different companies and data.