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A top view of the world displaying all the continents and oceans con-notating Refinitiv's social impact initiatives.


Social impact map

A selection of employee-led initiatives to inspire action and implement change.

Our community. Our social impact.

One of Refinitiv's key sustainability pledges is to reflect and support the communities we operate in, we do this by leveraging the skills of our people in global locations to drive social and environmental impact. 

We are proud to share some of the impressive sustainable projects led by employees and teams from our diverse communities across the world and hope that by raising awareness of our impact, we can inspire others to do the same. 

Take a moment to explore and be inspired by these stories. We'd love to hear what you think. Whether you are an existing customer, supplier or charity, or would like to learn more about Refinitiv, get in touch and join the discussion to collectively make an impact.

Our social sustainability impact in numbers

  • $500,000+
    paid out in volunteer grants
  • 30,000+
    volunteering hours logged
  • 6
    months' worth of data this year
  • 15


Our global sustainability initiatives

Here is a selection of our global, employee-led social impact initiatives, as we continue to expand our worldwide social impact footprint and strategy.


A Refinitiv employee holding a banner with additional donation of £16 written on it, thereby displaying his TicketAid initiative.

Developed from an initial idea by an employee, TicketAid is an innovative, philanthropic alternative to the secondary ticket market - with unused event tickets from across our business and our partners being sold at face value - with all proceeds going to charity. It is an open-access product developed with the simple aim to give businesses and their employees a unique way to reduce corporate waste, boost employee satisfaction, and raise money for charity all at the same time. TicketAid has already raised over $120,000 for charity in its first eighteen months and has engaged more than 4,000 Refinitiv colleagues across the globe. With several organizations lined up to join the platform, donating their own tickets to raise funds of importance to them and their employees, the best is yet to come.

Do you have tickets to donate or wish to be part of this initiative?

Planting trees with Ecosia

A bunch of trees with the text 3,650 trees planted by Refinitiv via Ecosia search.

Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, has been adopted across all parts of Refinitiv, with an ever-increasing number of colleagues switching to it every day. If all Refinitiv colleagues make the switch we have the potential to plant over 600,000 trees a year - the equivalent of covering the entire area of Greenwich Park in London or half of Central Park in New York. We regularly track progress and publish our numbers on our sustainable leadership intranet page, with almost 4,000 Refinitiv trees planted already in the few months since launch.

Install Ecosia and start contributing to our counter with your own searches.

Eliminating single-use plastic

A Refinitiv cup and mug presented with boxes in the background.

As part of our global 2019 Earth Day celebrations, we played our part in reducing the 16 billion disposable coffee cups and 500 billion plastic cups used every year across the world by introducing multi-use mugs and bottles in all our major Refinitiv offices. With the full rollout to be completed by the end of the year, it's a tangible part of our sustainable leadership strategy to drive positive environmental and social impact.

Donations not giveaways

A museum look alike room that has pillars spread across the edges of the room with the text $2,700 written on the image.

The recent 'Refinitiv commodities outlook' European series of events replaced giveaways with a $5 donation per attendee, raising over $2,700 in support of three charities: Plastic Oceans International, Opportunity International, and Renewable World - as voted for by the attendees across the series. We are always finding ways to reinforce our commitment to sustainable leadership and changing the way we do event giveaways, as it helps lighten our environmental footprint and provides support to local communities.


Our sustainability initiatives in AMERS

Click on the country tab to explore our environmental and social impact initiatives in diverse Refinitiv office locations, which support local communities across every corner of the world.

New York: Cycle for Survival

A group of Refinitiv employees cycling in an indoor event and wearing join the battle shirts.

Cycle for Survival is a charitable movement to beat rare cancers, consisting of high-energy indoor team cycling events which provide a tangible way for those involved to make an impact, with 100% of all money raised funding lifesaving rare cancer research. The 65-strong Refinitiv New York City team maintained its position as the number one corporate team for the event, raising $40,000 for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre. The Refinitiv national team raised over $80,000 and was ranked number 30 in the country for 2019. 

New York: Volunteering Week

A group of Refinitiv employees gathered in a kitchen with a large banner behind them stating "The Bowery Mission."

During Volunteering Week, 210 employees in New York volunteered 776 hours of their time to give back to the community. Over the course of five days, volunteers packed 250 hygienic kits for the homeless, prepped and served over 250 meals, cleaned a park in Astoria, knitted blankets for children in need, joined a daycare center reading and creating crafts, spent an afternoon and dinner with senior citizens, and hiked with shelter dogs. The vast array of activities demonstrated our employees' commitment to our social sustainability pledge, to reflect and support the communities we operate in.

Gucalillo: beach clean

Three women cleaning plastics of the beach with beautiful trees and houses shown in the background

A group of employees from the Costa Rica office used their volunteer hours this year to complete a Gucalillo beach clean. The five most frequently collected items were all made of plastic, with large swathes of waste dragged from the Great Metropolitan Area, through the Virilla and Tárcoles, and ending up in the Central Pacific.

Europe, Middle East and Africa

Our sustainability initiatives in EMEA

Click on the country tab to explore our environmental and social impact initiatives in diverse Refinitiv office locations, which support local communities across every corner of the world.

London and Exeter: tackling plastic

A Refinitiv social impact initiative where a Refinitiv Earth Day poster and two reusable mugs appear to encourage sustainable actions by their employees.

Refinitiv has become a flagship partner of Canary Wharf's 'Breaking The Plastic Habit Campaign' and is introducing a raft of measures to reduce single-use plastics in our London global hub. Our Exeter office is taking similar steps, such as installing milk dispensers in the kitchen. In Exeter alone, this has diverted an estimated 1,000 plastic milk bottles from ending up in landfill per year. Like many offices across the Refinitiv footprint, these teams have continued to build on our global campaign to transition to reusable mugs and bottles - and have eliminated single-use plastic cups on site.

Exeter: charity fundraising

A blue background with the text £86,000 raised over 5 years to represent the money raised by the Refinitiv Exeter office.

Refinitiv's Exeter office in the UK has raised over £13,000 ($16,000) for nine different charities so far this year, through a variety of activities such as the sale of car parking spaces, cake sales, and raffles. All proceeds were matched by Refinitiv, through our $1,000 per employee charitable donation matching scheme.

Gdynia: forest clean

Several people gathered together with a pile of plastics and trash lied in front of them after a long clean up with the forest in the background

In response to illegal rubbish dumping in forests, Refinitiv volunteers cleaned up large areas of the Polish forests in Gdynia, which were polluted with items such as glass bottles, plastic bottles - and plastic bags. They extended their efforts to organize a bi-annual volunteering event to clean up the forest after witnessing the tangible impact of their previous efforts. These colleagues also focused on tackling the effect of littering, by encouraging the use of reusable items rather than disposable alternatives in our offices.

Cape Town & Johannesburg: mentoring

A group of people sitting and standing next to each other with a large power point slide behind them

Refinitiv colleagues in South Africa are partnering with the education charity, SAYes, to promote meaningful social change through mentorship for under-served youth. Refinitiv volunteer hours are being used by groups in the office to enhance young people's professional development skills, guiding them through CV writing workshops, exploring various career options and conducting mock job interviews through panel discussions.

Cape Town: Earth Day

A Refinitiv employee standing by a collection of waste that are placed inside the office to be recycled.

As part of Earth Day engagement across Refinitiv, colleagues in Cape Town tackled local recycling rates by bringing their own home waste to the office to be recycled. The top recyclers received points through our employee recognition programme, and the campaign was so successful it continues to build momentum as it is implemented in the office.

Dubai: community fridges

A lamp representing Ramadan season with the text saying 'employees in the dubai office supported ramadan fridge initiative donating food items'

As part of the spirit of giving during the Holy Month of Ramadan, employees in the Dubai office supported Ramadan Fridge Initiative, donating food items which are then distributed to communities in need. The Ramadan Fridges are around the city, showing Refinitiv's commitment to reflect and support the communities we operate in.

Green Month

A group of Refinitiv employees huddled together with beautiful building architecture displayed behind them.

Numerous activities took place across our Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and Commonwealth of Independent States teams, during our Refinitiv Go Green Month in July 2019. The objectives of the initiative were to encourage employees to reduce waste, recycle correctly, optimise energy consumption and reduce the region's carbon footprint. For recycling, the teams collected 445 kg of used paper, 19.5 kg of used batteries, 6.6 kg of plastic cups and 6 kg of coffee capsules. In addition to this recycling drive, employees shared and promoted 'green best practices' across numerous office locations, including vegetarian and vegan lunches in Budapest and cleaning up the botanical gardens in Moscow.


Our sustainability initiatives in APAC

Click on the country tab to explore our environmental and social impact initiatives in diverse Refinitiv office locations, which support local communities across every corner of the world.

Bangalore: carpooling

A road in India crowded with people walking and on motorcycles.

When a Bangalore colleague decided to play his individual part in reducing the traffic in the city, he reduced his carbon footprint by carpooling - sharing almost 800 rides and lowering his carbon emissions by 1,300 kg. Inspired by the positive impact of this small change in his own life, he encouraged other colleagues to do the same, with over 2,000 people in the office now carpooling and saving over 40,000 kgs of carbon dioxide.

Bangalore: Hasiru Mission

A group on Indian boys gathered together to plant trees on the ground.

Refinitiv colleagues in the Bangalore office have established a strong association with the community Hasiru (green) Mission since 2016, leading various environmental project with a focus on tree planting - a vital activity in tackling climate change. Since 2017, the volunteers have planted around 2,000 saplings. It is a small initiative with a big ambition, and a vision to plant 1,000,000 saplings by 2021.

Bangalore: responsible consumption

A large harvested farm with cows walking around.

A colleague and his family in Bangalore are using their land in South India to adopt a self-sufficient, sustainable way of living, using the farmland to explore alternative options for food, energy, medicine, and housing - instead of relying on urban, mainstream methods. The next step is to build something which can benefit future generations, where the family strives to go beyond self-sufficiency and to become a producer of organic foods.

Mumbai: tree planting

Three Refinitiv employees planting saplings on a farm.

Employees in Mumbai used their volunteer hours to organize a tree plantation activity, in partnership with Concern India, an NGO supporting grassroots education, health, and community development. Employees traveled to Yuva Parivartan Model Farm at Wada Village and planted 300 saplings over the day. Once the saplings mature, they will be distributed to farmers and villagers for cultivation as a means of livelihood. The also assisted with the construction of two huts for local farmers made from recycled plastic bottles filled with mud.

Forest restoration

A primary forest with rare species of trees lined up to be planted

The rapid degradation of rainforest cover in South East Asia has inspired local people to act and take measures to try and protect vital rainforest cover. A colleague in the Singapore office and his family decided to acquire an area of degraded primary forest in Cambodia to start a forest restoration project, supported by the Singapore Botanical Gardens and an international school based in the country. The aim of the project is to reintroduce rare species of trees to prevent the loss of biodiversity within the region, alongside raising awareness within local communities on the importance of protecting the natural environment. Since the project began five years ago, over 2,000 trees have been planted, 12,000 saplings grown in the nursery, and there has been a marked increase in the population of wild mammals and birds in the area.

Bangkok: remote teaching

Six Refinitiv employees holding banners and t-shirts about Refinitiv.

In partnership with the English learning hub project, Refinitiv colleagues have established a videotelephony conference with two schools in Thailand to teach English remotely from the Bangkok office. Refinitiv volunteer hours are of vital importance to the schools, which lack a budget to hire English teachers, alongside donations which are made to improve the physical infrastructure of the buildings.

Beijing: food fair fundraising

A piece of art representing noodles and eggs being eaten with chopsticks.

The sustainable action team in Beijing organized a fundraising project, named 'A bite of love,' to raise money for children in need in Henan Xinxiang Sun Village. The food fair event is maintained by volunteer efforts, making and selling their own homemade dishes. It is now in its fifth year of running.

Manila: HERO Foundation

A group of kids along with Refinitiv employees holding school supplies.

Led by the sustainable action team in Manila, employees sponsored school supplies to over 200 students for a 'Back-to-School Bazaar'. The fundraising result surpassed expectations, raising three times more than the original goal. The beneficiaries were students of Camachile Elementary School, which was damaged by a strong earthquake in April 2019. The HERO Foundation, an NGO that provides educational grants to military orphans, was the partner for this grass-roots initiative.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our support of the UN SDGs

Our environmental and social initiatives are supporting the United Nations sustainable development goals to action a more sustainable future. As a business, we are committed to the SDGs and realize that the work of our employees spans the breadth of all 17 global goals. We are proud to meet the needs of the SDGs on the ground through these employee-led initiatives.