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Being part of a sustainable business

Colleague community support

A selection of colleague-led, local volunteering initiatives across our global footprint, to inspire further action and drive collective social impact. 

Our community. Our social impact.

One of Refinitiv's key sustainability pledges is to reflect and support the communities we operate in. Alongside global support through Refinitiv Charities campaigns, our colleagues are using their skills and time to drive local, social and environmental impact across the globe. 

These stories are just some of the ways Refinitiv is making a difference. 

How Refinitiv colleagues are taking action on...

Carpooling in dense urban areas

traffic in India representing immense carbon emissions.

When a Bengaluru colleague decided to play his individual part in reducing the traffic in the city, he reduced his carbon footprint by carpooling - sharing almost 800 rides and lowering his carbon emissions by 1,300 kg. Inspired by the positive impact of this small change in his own life, he encouraged other colleagues to do the same, with over 2,000 people in the office now carpooling and saving over 40,000 kgs of carbon dioxide.

Trekking for climate crisis

Nottingham Snowdon Sunrise Challenge image

A highlight from this year’s fundraising initiatives by the Nottingham office - which raised $25,000 across a series of events. 22 colleagues took on the demanding challenge of trekking up Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, UK. The hike raised money for Cool Earth, a climate crisis charity that focuses on protecting endangered rainforest to combat global warming and protect natural ecosystems.


Image of Refinitiv employees planting  10k trees in Bengaluru

Across our offices, our colleagues are planting trees to tackle the damaging effects of deforestation and climate change. During our One Year Young global celebrations, 500 colleagues from Bengaluru, Bangkok and Manila planted a total of 11,500 trees in the three locations. The Bengaluru team have also established a strong association with the community Hasiru (green) Mission, leading various environmental projects with a focus on tree planting. It is a small initiative with a big ambition and a vision to plant one million saplings by 2021.

Planting trees with every web search


Ecosia, the search engine that plants trees, has been adopted across all parts of Refinitiv, with an ever-increasing number of colleagues switching to it every day. If all Refinitiv colleagues make the switch, we have the potential to plant over 600,000 trees a year – the equivalent of covering the entire area of Greenwich Park in London or half of Central Park in New York. We regularly track progress and publish our numbers on our sustainable leadership intranet page, with over 8,000 Refinitiv trees planted already in the first year since launch.

Install Ecosia and start contributing to our counter with your own searches.

Tackling fires in Northern Thailand

fighting forest fires in Thailand

Our Sustainable Action team in Bangkok have been helping tackle forest fires raging in Northern Thailand through virtual fundraising. The team have purchased and delivered leaf blowers to support the more efficient removal of dry leaves and debris which contribute to the spread of flames. The virtual fundraising activities organized by the team are one example of how our colleagues are continuing to support their local communities in a virtual working environment during the coronavirus pandemic.

Starting reforestation projects

Reforestation projects

A colleague in Refinitiv’s Singapore office and his family acquired an area of degraded primary forest in Cambodia to start a forest restoration project, supported by the Singapore Botanical Gardens and a local international school. Since the project began five years ago, over 2,000 trees have been planted and 12,000 saplings grown in the nursery. As a result, there has been a marked increase in the population of wild mammals and birds in the area.

Supporting a biological corridor in Costa Rica

Refinitiv employees tree planting in Costa Rica

Volunteers from the Costa Rica Refinitiv office visited Pocora in the Limón province to carry out a tree-planting project, developed in partnership with EARTH University, Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) and Refinitiv. Our colleagues were joined by a local youth group participating in a social entrepreneurship project driving the EARTH Futures platform. During the day, 12 volunteers planted 150 trees, supporting the creation of a biological corridor that will allow biodiversity and conserve water resources.

An ambitious global forest project

Aerial view of green pine forest with Refinitiv sustainability logo

We have unveiled an ambitious Refinitiv Global Forest, with the first reforestation project in Creagan, Scotland.  Covering 20 hectares, the equivalent of 20 football pitches, with over 45,000 native broadleaf and Scots pine trees, every colleague at Refinitiv will be assigned a tree, as well as providing colleagues, customers and partners with the opportunity to continue to help us grow our Refinitiv Global Forest sites in a collective effort to reach our global 1 million trees target.

Running half marathons for Great Ormond Street

Image of Refinitiv employees participating in the Royal Parks Half Marathon

Represented by colleagues across our Canary Wharf offices, a Refinitiv team ran the Royal Parks half marathon on behalf of Great Ormond Street Hospital in London this year. With every employee raising at least $1,250 and making use of Refinitiv’s matching gifts program, the team raised in excess of $50,000 to support the vital medical research and lifesaving work of GOSH.

COVID-19: Donating salaries to support communities in lockdown

donating salaries to support community during lockdown

After India entered its nationwide lockdown on March 23, 2020, Refinitiv India took bold action to support its communities. Through a Salary Donation Drive, colleagues were given an option to contribute one day’s salary that would usually be taken as volunteer day or any amount they preferred. With an overwhelming response from our colleagues, Refinitiv India was able to raise over $30,000 to provide 100,000 units of freshly cooked meals to feed migrant, daily wage workers and low-income households at risk during the pandemic. In addition, the team supports 5000 police officers at 153 police stations across Bangalore city with vital protective equipment – comprising 100,000 face masks, 100,000 gloves and 10,000 sanitizer bottles.

COVID-19: Running virtual schools from home 

School being ran through virtual environment from home

Colleagues in our Refinitiv Philippines office are supporting project Bahay Eskwela – a series of free and accessible virtual interactive activities for kids (and kids at heart). The activities include storytelling sessions to help children and parents alike to understand, cope and discuss challenges and opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also run virtual arts and crafts classes, dance, yoga and exercise sessions to keep children entertained and active during the lockdown.

Filling empty seats for good causes through TicketAid



Developed from an initial idea by a Refinitiv colleague, TicketAid is an innovative, philanthropic alternative to the secondary ticket market. Unused event tickets from across our business and our partners can be sold at face value – with all proceeds going to charity. TicketAid is an open-access product developed with the simple aim of giving businesses and their employees a unique way to reduce corporate waste, boost employee satisfaction and raise money for charity all at the same time. More than 2,700 tickets have been sold through TicketAid, so far raising over $150,000 for charity.

Do you have tickets to donate or wish to be part of this initiative?

Pitching for social innovation at One Young World


One Young World, the world-renowned global forum for young leaders, brought its annual summit to London in 2019. Refinitiv sent a delegation of 10 colleagues selected from over 650 applications submitted from 31 different countries across the world. The team pitched three social innovation projects to 150 other delegates, putting Refinitiv's data, technology and expertise at the heart of solutions to address the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Empowering students with our ESG data

Refinitiv employees collectively standing together to take a picture for the environmental education project in Beijing

In Beijing China, the Green Actor Environmental Education Project uses Refinitiv’s ESG data and methodology to train and educate over 100 university student volunteers on core environmental and social issues. Once trained, they are tasked with sharing this knowledge across rural communities and with school students located around Belt and Road infrastructure projects. This initiative was founded by Refinitiv and the China Youth League Central Committee and has now positively impacted over 260,000 individuals.

Running a remote learning hub in Thailand

Six Refinitiv employees holding banners and t-shirts about Refinitiv.

In partnership with the English learning hub project, Refinitiv colleagues have established a videotelephony conference with two schools in Thailand to teach English remotely from the Bangkok office. Refinitiv volunteer hours are of vital importance to the schools, which lack a budget to hire English teachers, alongside donations which are made to improve the physical infrastructure of the buildings.

Trail walking for Oxfam

crossing the finish line after a trail walk for Oxfam

Taking on one of the world’s leading team endurance challenges, the all-female Refinitiv Ramblers team in our Sydney office completed the grueling Oxfam Trailwalker course in just over 12 hours. They raised $7,000, helping to contribute to the overall $1.3 million event total. These funds will go towards Oxfam’s global work to help tackle poverty and transform lives across the world. Our Bengaluru colleagues also put forward an incredible 46 teams for the Oxfam Trailwalkers event, raising nearly $150,000 for the charity in the process.

Stocking community fridges during Ramadan 

a colorful ceiling representing the sustainability initiatives held by Refinitiv employees during Ramadan.

As part of the spirit of giving during the Holy Month of Ramadan, employees in the Dubai office supported Ramadan Fridge Initiative, donating food items which are then distributed to communities in need. The Ramadan Fridges are around the city, showing Refinitiv's commitment to reflect and support the communities we operate in.

Mentoring young people in South Africa

Refinitiv employees partaking in the 9 Miles Project

Refinitiv colleagues in South Africa partner with the education charity SAYes to promote meaningful social change through mentorship for underserved young people. Refinitiv volunteer hours are being used by groups in the office to enhance young people's professional development skills, guiding them through resume or CV writing workshops, exploring various career options and conducting mock job interviews through panel discussions.

Supporting communities in NYC

bowery mission supporting communities in new york

Our Refinitiv colleagues in New York have a strong network of volunteers committed to supporting their local communities. Among last year’s highlights include volunteer week – over the course of five days, 210 colleagues volunteered 776 hours to pack hygienic kits and serve meals for the homeless, clean a park, knit blankets for children in need, have dinner with senior citizens, and hike with shelter dogs. The New York team have also raised a staggering $40,000 through the event Cycle for Survival – a charitable movement funding lifesaving research into rare cancers. The team maintained its position as the number one corporate team for the high-energy indoor team cycling event. In total, the national team raised over $80,000 and was ranked number 30 in the country.

Removing single-use plastic

A Refinitiv cup and mug presented with boxes in the background.

We are reducing the 16 billion disposable coffee cups and 500 billion plastic cups used every year across the world by introducing multi-use mugs and bottles in all our major Refinitiv offices. Refinitiv colleagues in New York, Canary Wharf and in our Legal and Compliance teams have taken this one step further by providing their teams and co-workers with high-quality stainless steel cutlery to encourage the team to bring less plastic into the office. With other Refinitiv offices making plans to introduce similar measures, this initiative could eventually lead to a near-zero use of plastic cups and cutlery at Refinitiv.

Cleaning beaches 

Refinitiv colleagues cleaning Exmouth beach

Our Refinitiv colleagues in Exeter, UK and Costa Rica participated in beach clean-ups to tackle the devastating impacts of marine pollution. Teams from both offices dedicated their volunteer hours to collect rubbish and debris that had washed up along their local coastlines – plastic was the biggest culprit. By eliminating this waste from our beaches, we are helping eliminate waste from our oceans and are protecting the future the marine environment.

Clearing forests

Several people gathered together with a pile of plastics and trash lied in front of them after a long clean up with the forest in the background

In response to illegal rubbish dumping in forests, Refinitiv volunteers cleaned up large areas of the Polish forests in Gdynia, which were polluted with items such as glass bottles, plastic bottles and plastic bags. They extended their efforts to organize a bi-annual volunteering event to clean up the forest after witnessing the positive impact of their previous efforts. These colleagues also focused on tackling the effect of littering, by encouraging the use of reusable items rather than disposable alternatives in our offices.

View of a bridge and reflected woodland in water
Our sustainable finance product suite

Refinitiv offers a suite of sustainable finance products covering multiple parts of the business lifecycle, from investment portfolios through to due diligence and energy supply.

We believe in socially responsible investing. Our products will help you to incorporate ESG factors into your investment decisions, as well as generate performance.

Sustainable Development Goals

Our support of the UN SDGs

Our environmental and social initiatives are supporting the United Nations sustainable development goals to action a more sustainable future. As a business, we are committed to the SDGs and realize that the work of our employees spans the breadth of all 17 global goals. We are proud to meet the needs of the SDGs on the ground through these employee-led initiatives.

Jobs at Refinitiv

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