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Sustainable leadership

Our commitment 

Addressing the world’s biggest sustainability issues requires collective leadership. This means exemplifying the behaviors that will bring about change and empowering others to do the same.

Organizations need to harness core capabilities, be smart with resources and make long-term decisions whenever possible.

At Refinitiv it starts with commitment to using our data, forward-thinking technology, and expertise to drive positive change.

Our business

Sustainable leadership means caring about our own operational footprint, being open with our environmental commitments and disclosures, holding ourselves to account and promoting a culture of transparency and inclusion. It is a core element of what we stand for as a business.

We are making bold, public, global sustainability pledges and believe in the power of data to ensure action. If you measure it, it happens.

Our people and communities

We believe a diverse, inclusive, fair workplace, where all employees are valued and can reach their full potential, is fundamental to the way we work. 

Embracing diversity helps us deliver better, bolder, more innovative solutions for our clients and attracts the brightest talents from across the globe to work for our business.

We foster a culture of openness, inclusion and partnership to ensure we deliver on our promise of high performance in both our people and products.

Building on our strong legacy of local investment, we leverage the skills of our people through a range of global employee network groups, to drive positive impact and support causes in our communities. 

Our customers and partners

Our influence is felt far beyond our own business footprint; we empower investors to shift towards sustainable investments and influence how businesses act through our expertise, products and data.

We do this through helping the financial industry champion new standards and by continuously evolving our suite of world class sustainability-related data and products. These products impact multiple parts of the business lifecycle, from corporate governance and trading platforms to supply chains and investment portfolios. 

We have been serving the financial industry with ESG data and solutions for over 15 years and offer one of the richest databases in the industry – a fully transparent resource that is trusted by investors and corporates to drive positive impact and provide comprehensive analysis.

Our partnerships with global organisations like the World Economic Forum and United Nations, alongside our charity and community relationships, also help us deliver on what we promise and measure our impact.

Refinitiv is at the heart of an ecosystem of change-makers championing transparency and governance, enabling our customers to make important decisions which balance short-term business pressures with long-term, positive societal progress.