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Shaping the future

Refinitiv Advisory Board

The Refinitiv Advisory Board is a dynamic group of cross-industry, senior executives from global, market-leading companies. By engaging with the Refinitiv executive leadership team and innovation experts, members can help to set the agenda and shape the future of our industry.

Advancing through open dialogue

Closed-door regional sessions enable board members, Refinitiv leadership and invited experts to engage in open dialogue on a range of key topics impacting financial markets.

  • Board members benefit from sharing unique perspectives, making new connections and gaining insight into the transformation of the financial services industry.
  • In turn, we gain a valuable external perspective on the critical issues and opportunities reshaping and impacting the future growth of our business.
  • Together, we can support the transition to new business models and help to create and retain a competitive advantage.

Exclusive membership

One globally connected advisory board

Regional advisory boards bring together an exclusive group of operations and technology leaders from our top and most innovative clients around the world. Membership is by invitation only.


Bringing together leading executives in New York from across the United States and Canada


Engaging with members in Hong Kong and Singapore on market developments and changing trends


Convening in London to hear and exchange unique perspectives from across the region

Board outcomes

Shaping the future

Our conversations focus on key areas that are transforming the finance industry.

Members share their viewpoints and knowledge, discuss key challenges, outline areas of strategic opportunity, and provide recommendations for future progress. 

Side-by-side, we influence Refinitiv's strategic direction and actively shape open, connected and efficient financial markets. 

Discussion topics

Setting the agenda

ESG and sustainable finance

AI & machine learning

Digitalization of wealth management

Future of human workflows

Smarter trading