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AI and machine learning

80% of data scientists’ time is spent on processing data, rather than developing or deploying artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. This doesn’t just cost time and money, it also adds up to missed opportunities.

Our take on AI in 60 seconds

Many businesses have over-inflated expectations of what AI can deliver right now. In reality, the resources required to execute a successful project – whether in time, data, or management – are often underestimated. Not surprisingly, fewer than 10% of the firms we speak to have actually deployed an AI solution.

Data is central to the success of AI projects. Ultimately, your solution is only as good as the data you have and how well it is ‘trained’. To provide a solid foundation for your AI plans, data must:

  • Cover real breadth and depth
  • Derive from a trusted source
  • Be well-structured
  • Be easily accessible

When your business has high-quality data and builds a partnership with an experienced operator, you can rapidly harness the undoubted promise of AI. In the future, this technology could transform predictive analytics for business performance management, real-time transaction monitoring and fraud detection.

Key takeaways

Here are the essentials

Get back to basics

AI is only as good as the data you use and how it's trained. Build strong foundations with high-quality, well-structured data.

Work in new ways

Successful AI projects require fresh approaches, working across siloes and creating new roles such as data wrangling and annotation.

Leverage cloud technology

Tech is becoming easily accessible via cloud environments, meaning you can instantly access the data and tools you need to experiment and innovate.

Expert opinion

The view from our experts

Our business is deeply rooted in 160 years of innovation and financial markets, and we are at the point of a significant paradigm shift today. The advent of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the Cloud is driving this shift, but all of these technologies are really empowered and enabled by data, and data as in our DNA.

Product focus

How Media Check can help you make the most of AI

Artifical intelligence solution 

World-Check One: Media Check brings clarity to the complexity of data management. Powered by the AI behind our Intelligent Tagging service, this media screening solution links people, places, facts, and events across millions of documents at speed. De-duplication technology then identifies and clusters similar content, significantly reducing the amount of content you have to review to make informed decisions.

A screenshot showing world check one

The intelligent tagging behind Media Check links people, places, facts, and events across millions of documents, at speed