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AI and machine learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning trends are transforming financial services, as revealed in our 2019 survey of global business leaders and data scientists. Discover how AI and ML can and will become an integral part of your business.

Smarter humans. Smarter machines.

The Institute for the Future says that, over the next decade, emerging technologies will underpin the formation of new human-machine partnerships, which will help humans transcend their limitations, enhance daily activities and reset expectations for learning and work. The actualization of smarter humans, smarter machines.

We predict that AI/ML will be the single greatest enabler of competitive advantage in the financial services sector.

Tim Baker

Global Head of Applied Innovation & Refinitiv Labs

In our inaugural Machine Learning Survey, we spoke to 450 financial professionals from around the globe, to understand where the technology is being deployed, as well as the biggest barriers to adoption.

How does your business compare to leading financial institutions and data scientists using AI and ML?

Survey report

Key insights from our 2019 AI & ML global study

Competitive advantage

Barriers to entry have fallen dramatically. Expect a flurry of commercial and product innovation.

Data quality is essential

Unstructured and alternative source data need significant work before their insights are truly reliable.

C-suite vs. data scientists

There is a mismatch between the vision in the boardroom and the reality on the ground.

Survey insights

Business leaders are embracing machine learning

  • 46%
    Deployed in multiple areas and core to business
  • 44%
    Deployed in pockets
  • 10%
    Experimenting with infrastructure & people investment

Our products

Solutions driven by AI and ML

AI media screening

World-Check One: Media Check

Clarity in the complexity of data management. This media screening solution links people, places, facts, and events across millions of documents at speed. De-duplication technology then identifies and clusters similar content, significantly reducing the amount of content you have to review to make informed decisions. Powered by our AI-driven Intelligent Tagging service.

A screenshot showing world check one

Media Check instantly links people, places, facts, and events across millions of documents.

Refinitiv labs

Where Refinitiv shapes the future of data

Refinitiv™ Labs collaborate with customers around the world to solve big problems and rapidly prototype and validate solutions using data science and lean techniques.

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