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Our data

A trusted source of data and insights for journalists across the world.

Refinitiv has comprehensive and trusted data covering investment banking, funds, bonds, earnings, macroeconomic indicators, FX, commodities and more.

This data is available to journalists on request.

Media requests for our data

Email: media.data@refinitiv.com
Phone (Europe): +44 (0)20 7542 0030
Phone (US): +1 646 223 7222

See examples below. Please attribute any data that you use to Refinitiv

Corporate finance insights

A database with over 1 million M&A deals over 40 years, covering corporate finance transactions and investment banking league tables across equity markets, debt, loans, bonds, project finance, IPOs, joint ventures, repurchases, private equity and municipal bonds. 

Fund industry data

Insights on global collective investments including mutual funds, ETFs, retirement funds and hedge funds covering more than 290,000 collective instruments in over 61 countries.

Economic indicators

8.5 million active economic indicators including GDP, unemployment levels, stock prices and trading volumes, with time-series data from 1950s onwards.

Corporate earnings estimates

Earnings estimate data on a sector level, across 22,000 companies in 100 countries, alongside existing data like Earnings per Share (EPS) and Recommendations. SmartEstimate™, Predicted Surprise and Analyst Performance data that reveals unique insight by overweighting the most accurate analyst estimates.


The most accurate and comprehensive set of foreign exchange trading price data for all currency pairs and transaction types.

Environmental, social and governance reporting

Our comprehensive environmental, social and governance (ESG) database contains information on over 7,000+ global companies and over 400 metrics, including all exclusion (ethical screening) criteria and all aspects of sustainability performance, including hot topics such as percentage of women in senior positions, CO2 emissions, and environmental wastage.

Market structure and trade volume

Identifies trade volumes, trends and opportunities, also provides market share statistics across global venues for equity instruments, including turnover in one of eight currencies, volume in shares, and trade count (total number of trades) for 184 venues worldwide. Data aggregated at the venue level, the index level and the stock level.


Coverage includes in-depth market insights and analysis covering oil, gas, precious metals, carbon, coal and agriculture, all of which have a dedicated specialist team tracking daily industry movements.