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Hedge Fund Research Indices

Client Restrictions On Usage/distribution
Client's use of the HFR Indices is solely limited to internal usage only. No redistribution by any means is permitted by the client or client’s group. Clients are strictly prohibited from any form of onward distribution of Hedge Fund Research Indices, up to and including any and all derivative works.

Additional Restrictions
Client will not copy or manufacture the Index Dataset or any portion thereof for any use prohibited under this Agreement, (ii) translate, modify, adapt, enhance, decompile, disassemble or reverse engineer the Index Dataset, except as to render the Index Dataset in a format compatible with the Licensee’s software and to the extent permitted under applicable law despite this restriction, (iii) use the Index Dataset to create an index or populate any other commercial Database or index dataset, (iv) use the Index Dataset in the operation of its own data or index business, (v) use the Index Dataset, Resultant Data and/or HFR trademarks, including HFR Index names, ticker symbols or graphically representative HFR Index performance in any manner in association with products which are created as investable index products.