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Thai Bond Market Association (ThaiBMA)

In addition to any other terms, conditions or restrictions of usage set out in the Agreement, Client agrees that the following with respect to ThaiBMA provided Information:

(a) Client may only use the data for its internal business purposes.

(b) Client may not Distribute or Redistribute any part of the Information in any form or manner. For the avoidance of doubt, Client acknowledges that this restriction will apply even if such Distribution or Redistribution is done in an infrequent or non-systematic manner.

(c) Client acknowledges that as a condition of access to Information provided by ThaiBMA, ThaiBMA has expressly disclaimed liability for any loss or damage that Client may suffer in any manner relating to Client's use (or non-use) of such Information. Client may therefore not hold ThaiBMA liable for any loss or damage which Client may suffer or incur directly or indirectly due to Client's use of the Information provided by ThaiBMA.

(d) Client shall not in any manner, directly or indirectly, reverse engineer or modify (or attempt to do so) any part of the Information provided by ThaiBMA.

(e) As between ThaiBMA and Client, ThaiBMA owns all rights including intellectual property rights in the Information provided by ThaiBMA or any related documentation provided by ThaiBMA.

(f) To the maximum extent permitted by law, ThaiBMA excludes any and all liability to Client for any damages or losses caused by delays or interruptions in the provision of the Information provided by ThaiBMA.

(g) Client acknowledges that ThaiBMA may rely on the foregoing as a third party beneficiary without being considered to have a contractual relationship with Client.

In the provisions stated above, "Client" refers to the party which has subscribed to the Refinitiv services that include Thai Bond Market Association rates.