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Wilshire Indices

License is for internal use only via the Datastream suite of products or such other similar products. For the avoidance of doubt, any distribution, retransmission, publication or broadcast of any Wilshire Index Values will be for the third party's internal use only and any such third party must agree to be bound by these terms. As a condition of your right to use the Wilshire Index Values, you may not use any Wilshire Index or any Wilshire Marks, with the issuance, marketing, or promotion of investment products (e.g. derivatives, structured products, investment funds, investment portfolios) where the price, return, and/or performance of the investment product is based on or related to one or more Wilshire Indexes, except as provided for in a separate written agreement with Wilshire. Nothing in the Wilshire Index may be construed as granting any license or right to use any Wilshire Index or average (or element or subset of it), except as provided in a separate written agreement with Wilshire.

You may not use the Wilshire Index Values to supplement or extend the index history of any non-Wilshire Index.