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Greater transparency in your communications

Refinitiv Compliance Archive    

In partnership with Global Relay, the leading provider of Enterprise Information archiving solutions, Refinitiv offers you the ability to collect, consolidate and analyse electronic communications in an open, fully hosted, secure and compliant environment.

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Be transparent in a highly fragmented market

Todays’ regulatory environment requires efficient methods for effective scrutiny and archiving of all electronic communications relating to electronic communication platforms that may result in higher levels of reputational risk.

The methods which businesses use to communicate with clients, contacts, vendors and competitors have revolutionised, putting pressure on the existing surveillance tools and trading platforms to monitor the new fragmented landscape. 

In partnership with Global Relay, Refinitiv Compliance Archive provides a unified archiving portal for you to collect, consolidate and analyse your message and collaboration platforms used for trading from over 50 different sources in an efficient and compliant way.

Features and benefits

What you get with Compliance Archive

Greater transparency

Improve Surveillance workflows, solve the demands of regulatory compliance, audits, and eDiscovery while alleviating data management, storage, security, and business continuity concerns.

No more siloed messaging stores

Store all your electronic communications from multiple collaboration tools in one unifying portal.

Archive messaging from 50+ data sources

Archive communications from multiple sources such as trade tickets, emails, sms, social media, and voice messages.

Easy and simple to connect

Access a ready built end-to-end integration service for a large set of messaging types including FXT Dealing and FX Matching.

Improve efficiencies

Reduce your surveillance costs and minimising pressure on existing tools.

Monitoring tools for a remote workforce

Ensure communication activity from your remote workforce is compliant with all regulations.

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Looking for dedicated FX workflow support?

Reduce the effort, timelines, and costs for you from the start of service subscription to adoption.


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Managing electronic communications in a fragmented era

In our latest research, we looked at the difficult question facing FX businesses: How can traders, as well as compliance and audit teams track, archive, analyse and report all electronic communications effectively?

Managing electronic communications in a fragmented era: our latest report

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