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FX dealing tools

Refinitiv Deal Tracker

Capturing every FX trade deal on all major foreign exchange platforms around the world. Take control of your conversational deals, confirmed tickets, and post-trade notifications before, during, and after trading.

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Why choose Refinitiv Deal Tracker?

Deal Tracker offers a suite of tools for monitoring and processing every FX trade on all major foreign exchange platforms around the world, from the front to the back office.

  • Pre-trade – automatically capture call statistics and review conversations to examine current dealing activity across your FX business
  • Trade – monitor trading activity in real time and track your net position
  • Post-trade – consolidate all of your post-trade feeds into a single stream so you can check for discrepancies early and build an archive for easy querying and compliance

Refinitiv Deal Tracker as a Service: Cloud-based efficiency

Deal Tracker as a Service (DTaaS) is our comprehensive, secure, Cloud-based archiving and compliance solution.

This fully managed service can help eliminate the need for local in-house infrastructure and management overheads, allowing a firm to focus on its core business.

Apart from the efficiency benefits of using a Cloud-based solution, DTaaS lets you monitor trade activity in real-time, track net positions, and archive data for easy searching and compliance needs.

DTaaS includes trade notifications from conversational dealing, matching, brokers' and bank portals, and the capture of activity across FX liquidity venues.

Deal Tracker as a Service

Deal Tracker as a Service (DTaaS) - the secure, Cloud-based archiving and compliance solution

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Features & benefits

What you get with Deal Tracker

Real-time monitoring

Monitor trade activity in real time across all of your major foreign exchange platforms.

Archive data

Meet compliance requirements with a cost-effective data warehouse and easy searching of captured and stored deals.

Track net positions

Track net positions for effective risk management.

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Looking for dedicated FX workflow support?

Reduce the effort, timelines, and costs for you from the start of service subscription to adoption.