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Post-Trade Processing and Trade Settlement

Settlement Center

Efficient post-trade processing within a single solution.

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Why choose Settlement Center?

With FXall Settlement Center you can automate middle- and back-office trade processing with SWIFT confirmation messages, trade matching, settlement instructions, trade netting, third-party notifications, trade receipt splitting, and more. Connect to over 100+ of the largest banks, liquidity providers, global custodians, correspondent banks, and prime brokers.

Features & benefits

What you get with Settlement Center

Minimized operational and counterparty risk

Manage confirmation processes, monitor exceptions, and ID the best settlement path. Enrich trades using our SSI database.

Confidence in monitoring notifications

Monitor real-time transmission, observe audit trails, and drill down for complete SWIFT message details. Review process performance.

Build trust with control and compliance

Best practice makes it easy for clients to be compliant with corporate governance and accounting regulations, and FX guidelines.

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Looking for dedicated FX workflow support?

Reduce the effort, timelines, and costs for you from the start of service subscription to adoption.