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Alt Data Ecosystem

The role of intermediaries in the alt data ecosystem

Alt data intermediaries help scale and make an increasingly complex and crowded alt data space more manageable - for data sources, providers and customers alike.

Assessing trustworthiness, risk and value in alt data ecosystems

The Alt Data Ecosystem report from The ODI, Refinitiv and BattleFin outlines a variety of procedures, tools and mechanisms currently used to assess trustworthiness, risk and value in alt data. 

In the alt data landscape, new data sources from different sectors and regions are constantly being added to the market and a slew of new providers have entered the ecosystem. There is a high turnover in data and providers which, while valuable in some ways, also raises concerns about the long-term sustainability of the ecosystem. Consumption relationships are more transient and have to be set up quickly, and are more likely to be between parties who have no previous experience of each other. 

Alt data intermediaries want to provide data access to as many providers as possible, but also want to assess each of these providers for their trustworthiness, risk and value. If they were to reduce, or even forgo, assessments of providers, it could make their business be perceived as less trustworthy. However, less assessment may open up opportunities for more provider-customer interactions. 

Given these trade-offs, we provide recommendations. Download now to find out:

  • How intermediaries can consider and prioritise different assessment levels
  • What new services could intermediaries offer as the landscape change
  • How intermediaries can help improve the trustworthiness and sustainability of the ecosystem as a whole 

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Key content


trust, risk and value in alt data ecosystems


trustworthiness, risk and value in alt data ecosystems


transparent, trustworthy and sustainable alt data ecosystems