The Future of Trading : Automation and future technologies

Technology in 2024: Is your trading desk ready?

Traders around the world find themselves having to adapt quickly to AI and emerging technologies, the move to automation, and the need to demonstrate best execution. 

To understand what this means for the future, Refinitiv teamed up with Greenwich Associates to produce a three-part series called ‘The Future of Trading’. 

In our first report, we found broad consensus (78%) that technology has created better and more efficient financial markets.  However, opinions vary on what will bring the greatest future impact—and how soon.  

AI and machine learning are widely expected to be the most disruptive. Beyond that, perspectives are split: traders are looking for immediate impact from execution management systems (EMS) and from short and longer term investment in trade performance analytics. Across capital markets, though, the focus is firmly on long-term, strategic and defensive cybersecurity and real-time risk management solutions.   

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Key findings

Some of our key findings from the report found that, over the next 3-5 years:

73% of traders

believe that EMS will have a profound impact on financial markets

83% of all respondents

view trade performance analytics as the most impactful technology

80% of respondents

expect AI/machine learning to be fully integrated into the trading space within 5 years