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Connected Data for buy-side firms

Despite market and reference data progress, challenges remain for digital transformation

Buy-side firms are making more progress than sell-side firms on digital transformation for market and reference data, but do they need to accelerate this transition even more?

According to the Connected Data survey – analysed specifically for the buy-side in this new eBook – the answer is yes. 

Globally, buy-side firms are ahead of the sell-side in areas such as data governance, cloud adoption, and operational resilience for market and reference data. However, there is still a long way for firms to go before they can say they have attained digital transformation. 

Our new eBook examines the challenges that buy-side firms are encountering, and the importance of a connected data strategy that brings together data across the front, middle and back offices. Taking a connected data approach could unleash considerable value for buy-side firms. 

  • 78%
    of buy-side firms say their use of market and reference data will increase over the next 12 months
  • 41%
    of buy-side firms currently store historical market data in the cloud.
  • 79%
    of buy-side firms agree that “improving how we manage market and reference data will require drastic changes in our organisation, technology, or strategy".

Read on - Download the full eBook

Donwload the full eBook to discover:

  • How much buy-side firms could boost both revenues and efficiencies if they had the market and reference data they need
  • The kinds of cultural challenges that are hampering the ability of buy-side firms to take a more connected data approach
  • Why there is a risk buy-side firms are not keeping up with the pace of regulatory change in their market and reference data strategies
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