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Deal Makers Sentiment 2021

Deal Makers Sentiment: A sectoral view of 2021

There are two clear sectoral winners from the turmoil of 2020: technology and healthcare.

We surveyed over 460 deal makers to get a pulse of which industries they think will strive and be challenged in 2021.

We asked deal makers a number of questions including:

  1.  What are your expectations for growth or decline M&A deal volume in 2021? 
  2.  What are your expectations for global deal volume in industry sectors? 
  3.  What are your expectation for growth and decline in M&A by segment?

Dive into our findings by downloading the report.

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Key content


Gain insight from global deal makers

Global insight

We spoke to deal makers from all over the globe, 43% Americas, 26% EMEA, 31% Asia

Broad view of deal making landscape

We surveyed deal makers from several organisation types, including corporations, commercial and investment banks