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Sustainable investing with ESG data

Key factors driving diverse and inclusive workplaces

Diversity and inclusion in the workforce are core ESG themes, which financial professionals are more frequently incorporating into their investment strategies and capital allocation decisions.

Diversity and inclusion practices in the workforce are increasingly important to ensure that a wide range of knowledge, experiences and innovation is brought to the organization and its decision-making processes.

COVID-19 has shone a light on why diversity is critical for business recovery and resilience. As companies look to adapt to a new way of conducting business post-COVID-19, diversity and inclusion factors need to be on the agenda alongside financial resilience, environmental risks and workforce health.

Different stakeholders put pressures on companies to adopt best practices on the issue of diversity and inclusion:

  • Investors are monitoring businesses and evaluating the relationship between diversity and recovery from the current global pandemic
  • Customers are changing their consumption behaviors and purchasing decisions, looking for more sustainable and socially just products
  • Employees are increasingly looking to work for a company that is fair and provides job security

With this in mind we use Refinitiv's ESG database to illustrate Diversity and Inclusion trends that can inform investment strategies and how investments incorporating Diversity & Inclusion factors are performing.

Discover more on D&I trends, financial performance and insight into the Refinitiv D&I Index by downloading the report now.

  • 30%
    of board members are culturally diverse
  • 43%
    increase in number of females on the board in the last 5 years
  • 54%
    increase in the number of firms with official flexible working policies
  • 25%
    increase in the number of firms with a career development policy

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The primary objective of the Diversity & Inclusion report is to raise awareness on the topic of D&I, analyze the data to assess progress made and its direct impact on corporate financial performance.

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