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The Future of Trading: Will machines replace traders?

Humans and machines on the trading desk: Are you working together? 

The future of financial services will be a true merger of the best of both human and machine. Investing and trading decisions will leverage human intuition while data analysis and trade execution will be automated and increasingly efficient.  

People and machines - not people versus machines - will create the future of trading.

In our third and final report with Greenwich Associates on the trading desk of the future, we look closely at the evolving role of people in the trading process. With 80% of traders expecting to see new opportunities thanks to technological advances, how might responsibilities change over the next 3-5 years?

Our first two reports in the series explored how technology and the growth of data have kept markets moving. However, the full picture would be incomplete without a better understanding of how these changes are impacting traders on the desk. 

Bottom line? Someone has to program the robots and still talk to customers.

In the report we ask:

  • Why people and not machines are still in charge 
  • How technology is helping to accelerate career growth for traders 
  • How the relationships on the trading desk are changing

  How is the role of the trader changing?

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