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FX Workspace Report

How are changes in the banking sector impacting FX workflows?

FX roles in banks are facing major upheavals, with data and technology taking centre stage. How are workflows being impacted?  

The research was conducted in order better to understand the current levels of technological capability of FX professionals in a variety of roles. By recognising the issues faced by FX market participants and demonstrating the relevance and application of coding and automation in FX markets, the research aims to reveal the appetite of institutions which trade FX to innovate the end-to-end workflow and harness the benefits of coding, analytics, automation, and open architecture, as well as the appetite of individual market participants to rise to the challenges which new technology presents.

Download the FX Workspace report to discover:

  • What the main issues encountered by FX teams and individuals are
  • Why the need for automation is not confined to trading
  • If coding is the new “must have” skillset for FX professionals
  • How interoperability differs from region to region
  • How many platforms and applications FX professionals use to complete a single task
  • 60%
    of trades are still conducted manually
  • 99%
    think coding skills are important
  • 3 to 4
    applications used to complete a single task

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