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Diversity & Inclusion

The Gender Pay Gap and your Investment Strategies

Does including gender pay gap metrics into your investment strategy help find outperformance?

More companies are reporting gender pay gaps, due to pressure from investors and customers, government regulation or efforts to improve their ESG scores - with growing available data we looked into the gender pay gap metric within portfolio analytics. 

This report shows the trend in gender pay gap disclosure across our database and 5 FTSE indices.

Our research then dives into the performance of companies with pay gaps between male and female employees. Some highlights we found include:

  • Outperformance occurred amongst portfolios which had no gender pay gap when compared against a portfolio of companies with a negative female gender pay gap.
  • The largest spread in our research was found between the FTSE North America index portfolios.
  • Outperformance was also found when comparing companies with no gender pay gap to companies reporting female employees receiving higher levels of pay than male counterparts.
  • 80%
    Global market cap covered in the Refinitiv ESG database
  • 5
    FTSE Indices included in our analysis
  • 10
    Occurrences of outperformance found

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