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Personalised investor experiences

Getting personal: How wealth firms can attract and retain the modern investor

The digital shift in wealth management has given rise to diverse investor personas and expectations. Now more than ever, wealth managers need to differentiate and personalise their service to acquire and retain their clients.

Our new research, which surveyed more than 1,500 investors across 13 countries, highlights what investment opportunities clients want, how they want to interact with those opportunities and why they are investing in the first place.

Read our report for the key steps wealth firms can take to re-evaluate their strategies and to find out:

  • What do investors expect from wealth firms and digital engagement?
  • What are the alternative investment opportunities sparking investor interest?
  • How can firms personalise their strategy to drive future client loyalty?

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To build client-centric solutions that attract and retain investors, wealth management firms not only need to understand what sets their investors apart, but also what similarities they share.