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Sustainable Investment with ESG Data

Measuring Diversity & Inclusion Progress

Investors and portfolio managers are increasingly looking for companies that incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) values and principles into their business, workplace, and culture. Promoting diversity and inclusion within the workforce is a major ESG value - and a growing trend.

In light of this, at Refinitiv, we have looked at our ESG database for D&I trends which can inform investment strategies.


We have created a report which explores the trends in diverse and inclusive companies.
Highlights from the report include:
  • Although more companies are reporting on gender and cultural board diversity, women account for only 18% of board membership, and culturally diverse directors make up 29%.
  • 61% of companies report female employee numbers while 43% report female manager numbers. Companies should continue to focus on these areas or progress may falter. 
  • European countries make up six of the top 10 countries with flexible working hours. 
  • Companies reporting that they have a Diversity and Opportunities Policy has increased from 39% in 2013 to 85% in 2017.

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Key content

Accurate ESG data

The report is built on Refinitiv’s ESG data which are rigorously quality controlled and cover 70% of global market cap.

Environmental metrics

Refinitiv covers over 400 ESG metrics, 24 of which are used to create our Diversity & Inclusion Ratings. The report draws on D&I metrics to highlight areas of improvement and concern.

Global coverage

The report looks at diversity and inclusion metrics across the globe, covering all regions.