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Navigating a rapidly evolving landscape

Mid-year investment outlook
Four key trends moving markets 

Positioning portfolios for the changing investment landscape

The global economy remains resilient and the tightening of monetary policy by most central banks could start to bear fruit, while inflation begins to move towards target levels. But what does this mean for equities and bonds?

Read our Mid-year investment outlook as we explore the challenges and opportunities dominating markets.

Key takeaways:

  • The 60/40 portfolio: Following the unusual correlation of equities and bonds in 2022, is the 60/40 portfolio a strategy that is still fit for purpose?
  • Value versus growth investing: Are both strategies just as popular as each other for identifying stocks with the potential for strong returns while minimising risk?
  • China’s role in 2023: As China begins its road back to normal, can it continue to grow rapidly, or will growth be more subdued?
  • The future of bonds: With yields on fixed income assets turning positive, our bond experts across Europe, U.S. and Asia provide their perspectives on how to navigate volatile markets over the short-to-medium term.

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