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Fixed income data series

The mortgage market's data challenge

Getting quality data for mortgage-backed securities.

Using sophisticated analytics, investors can now dig into the individual loans within any MBS and see exactly what they’re buying.

U.S. mortgage debt currently stands in excess of $12 trillion, and the majority of this debt is held by institutional investors via mortgage-backed securities, collateralized mortgage obligations and agency bonds.

These institutional investors and mortgage dealers are tasked with developing accurate risk models to help them make decisions relating to, for example, price, yield and risk.  Given that the majority of mortgages involved in these complex computations were initiated before financial markets embraced digitization, there remains a vast quantity of mortgage data that is neither standardized nor usable. Furthermore, as the breadth and depth of data available in the mortgage market continues to grow, incoming data may be ‘dirty’, disconnected and non-standardized. 

In this report we take an in-depth look at the vast mortgage securities market and the new technologies and emerging solutions, to uncover how mortgage market professionals can solve the data challenge.

Find out: 

  • How leading-edge technology and emerging solutions can harness and make sense of this data
  • How the delivery of insightful analysis can empower professionals in the complex world of mortgage finance and related investments
  • How mortgage capital market professionals are turning to advanced analytics to drive decision making and improve transparency

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Key content

64% of families

in the U.S. own their own homes

65% of families

owe money on their mortgages

$9.4 trillion

mortgage debt held by institutional investors via mortgage-backed securities, CMOs and agency bonds