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Wealth Management Trends

The Transformation of Wealth Management: Five trends for 2020 and beyond

Rapid advances in technology and digitalisation are forcing wealth managers to rethink their business, technology, and client engagement models.

Read the full report to discover why high-touch engagement and a truly personalized client experience are more in demand than ever and key for future success, with 90% of respondents having recently reviewed or revised their client segmentation models in favour of a more personalized approach to ensure client-centricity.

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Given the many challenges facing wealth managers, firms need to develop a clearly defined strategy, supported by holistic data and the right tools to help them succeed.

Key findings from the wealth management report

Digital transformation

46% of respondents are only partially satisfied or not satisfied at all with their current digital offerings.

Data and analytics

61% of respondents view analytics and creating insights as very important for their firm over the next 12-18 months.

Operational efficiency

86% of respondents consider servicing clients as a highly important digital capability to acquire.