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Datastream Navigator 4.2 quick reference guide

Guide not currently available.

Quick reference card for Datastream Navigator 4.2 detailing free text search, advanced search, explorer page and results page.

Frequently asked questions

  • Convertible bonds are often loaded initially to our system based on indicative terms and limited source documents.

    Therefore, certain terms and conditions of the convertible bonds may be estimated by us until the official pricing details become available.

    The estimated terms - e.g. conversion price/ratio, par value, etc - may be frequently updated at the beginning based on the changes in the underlying equity performance and in line with the indicative terms (reference price, conversion premium at issue, etc).

    Once the final terms become available on our sources the data is finalized and the terms are fixed on our system.

  • In order to more clearly brand the MSCI regional Emerging Market and All Country Indices, MSCI implemented the following index naming convention as of the close of January 29, 2004:

    MSCI has renamed all regional Emerging Market and All Country Indices that have the suffix Free by deleting the word "Free" (or letter F). Therefore, for example, the following indices are renamed:

    From: Emerging Markets Free (EMF) 

    To: Emerging Markets (EM) All Country World Index Free

    MSCI intends to maintain the current branding of all developed market indices including the MSCI Singapore Free, EAFE Free, World Free, Pacific Free ex Japan and Far East Free indices. The continued "Free" branding for certain Developed Market Indices recognizes that these indices have histories different from the similar index that does not have the suffix "Free". Otherwise, these indices have the same current constituents and current performance.

    To sum up, the MSCI index with the "Free" is still kept for historical purposes and the one without the "Free" is still considered as fully investable by foreign investors.

  • Clearing the Datastream cache and cookies resolves most of the Datastream latency/slowness issues.

    To clear Datastream Navigator Cache and Cookies in Datastream for Office:

    1. Click the Datastream tab in Excel.
    2. Click Options -> Datastream for Office.
    3. Click the Request URL Settings tab.
    4. Click on Clear Navigator Cookies and Clear Cache Files, and then click OK.
    5. Restart Excel.

    To clear Datastream Navigator Cache and Cookies in Advance for Office:

    1. Click the Datastream tab in Excel.
    2. Click Options -> Advance for Office.
    3. Click Clear Navigator Cookies and Clear Cache Files, and then click OK.
    4. Restart Excel.
  • To resolve this:

    1. Go to Excel Options and click on Add-ins.
    2. Select Excel Add-ins from the drop-down menu at the bottom and click Go.
    3. Click Browse.
    4. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\datastream\datastream advance. Select “AdvanceOffice.xlam”.
    5. Click OK.
    6. Restart Excel.

    The Datastream tab should now load automatically.

  • You can easily search for the Datastream codes using the Navigator.

    Within Navigator, you have the option to use the Free Text Search, or the Advanced Search.

    You can access the Navigator in several ways:

    • Via Datastream Advance “front end” Desktop using the "Find Series" button
    • Via Datastream Advance for Office/Datastream for Office Excel add-in
    • Via a “Static” or “Time Series” request window
    • Via Datastream Charting

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