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Eikon for Microsoft Outlook - quick start guide

Guide not currently available.

The Microsoft® Outlook® productivity tool allows you to effortlessly manage email alert content received from Eikon. By selecting Eikon as your main delivery mechanism for all your market data, news, and broker research needs, you have complete control on what, when, and how you are alerted; all delivered in consistently formatted, lightweight emails from a single source.

Frequently asked questions

  • Go to your Eikon login screen and reset it by selecting Forgotten your password?

  • Whether you just need the essentials or are interested in a specific feature of Eikon, you can visit the training page anytime to take advantage of online tutorials. Alternatively, access the Training app in your Eikon by typing ‘training’ in the search bar.

  • Eikon Web Access enables you to use Eikon wherever you have an internet connection and a web browser. Go to eikon.thomsonreuters.com and click ‘Sign In’. However, to take advantage of the full desktop experience, you must download and install Eikon.

  • All of the information on operating systems, requirements, and supported software can be found on our Eikon specs and downloads page.

  • To get historical data on Eikon Excel:

    1. Click on a blank cell (A1).
    2. Click Build Formula. This will open the Formula Builder pop-up window.
    3. In the Formula Builder pop-up window, type <EUR=> (for example) in the blank Instrument field.
    4. Click on the Time Series radio button below Data Item.
    5. From the Interval drop-down menu, select Daily.
    6. From the Category field, select Bid (6). The Category field will be populated with six options.
    7. Double-click on Timestamp and Close.
    8. On the right side of the Category field is the Parameters field. Click on the drop-down arrow in the Start field and click Select Date. Select January 1, 2014.
    9. Click on the drop-down arrow on the End field and click Select Date. Select August 8, 2014.
    10. In the Number of Rows field, type 300.
    11. On the lower part of the Formula Builder window, check the Include Instruments box.
    12. Click Insert, then click Cancel.
  • The Data Item Browser App can help in finding Eikon Excel Fields. This helps to see if a certain field is used and makes it easy to compare data with Quote or Overview pages, especially for fundamentals.

    To load this app, type DIB in the Eikon search toolbar and select the top hit.

  • To share your workspace:

    1. Right-click on the workspace and select Share.
    2. Type in the name (or names) of your Eikon contact(s) you would like to share with.
  • To set a new alert on a trendline or study:

    1. Right-click on the Trendline or Study (for example, Moving Average) that you want to set an alert for.     
    2. Select Alert -> Set Alert.
    3. Set your Alert options via the Create New Alert window.

    Note: There is a ‘Disable this alert after it is triggered for the first time’ option that is recommended.

    To manage an alert once it is set and/or triggered:

    1. Right-click anywhere within the chart and select Alert, then select Manage Alerts.
    2. Manage your alerts through the Alert Manager window.

    Here, you can Disable/Enable or Delete triggered alerts or alerts that are no longer active.

  • At the present time, Eikon cannot be installed natively on Mac® operating systems so users would need virtualization software to run in Windows to get the full desktop experience. Virtualization software support is offered on a ‘best-effort’ basis. However, users can access a zero-footprint version in their web browser (Chrome/Safari).

  • All of our Eikon APIs are available here, which includes the Eikon Desktop API (for users who require programmatic access to our data on the desktop) and the Side-by-Side Integration API (which allows you to connect your desktop applications). Users can also build, manage, and distribute their own applications using the App Studio SDK.

  • Yes, you can access Eikon as a mobile app on Apple iOS and Android devices. Alternatively, for tablet devices you can use the Eikon web access (Chrome, Safari, IE11).

  • Cause:

    • The default Refresh Frequency for RData functions is ‘streaming’. This means that if no Refresh Frequency is specified, subscriptions remain open and are subject to the 1,200 streaming item limit.
    • If you request more than 2,500 items, you will get these errors.


    • If you have more than 2,500 items but don’t need frequent data updates, you can avoid this limitation by setting a Refresh Frequency of one minute or more in your RData function (the Refresh option in the Insert Function Wizard). This ensures that subscriptions are in the snapshot mode and not impacted by the 1,200 item limit.
    • This one-minute threshold is a compromise between the impact of opening and closing subscriptions (snapshot mode), and the impact of constantly receiving updates (streaming mode).
  • Yes, Eikon is available via Desktop, Web Access and Mobile. Simply sign in with your Eikon User ID and password to access. Note, this will sign you out of Eikon running on another device. If you need further support, please reach out to your Account Manager or sign into MyRefinitiv to learn more.

  • Yes. Refinitiv Messenger is available as part of your Eikon subscription. Sign into your Eikon account to access. Refinitiv Messenger is also available as a free, standalone application available via desktop, web browser (Chrome) or mobile. Simply download the Eikon App from your Apple or Android store and use your Messenger credentials to sign in.

  • No. Refinitiv Messenger compliance services will not be affected. All your chat messages will be logged and archived irrespective of how or where you use Messenger.

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