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Frequently asked questions

  • This either means that you are already logged in elsewhere, or your session was disconnected within the past 2 minutes and you are trying to reconnect too soon.

    • If you are logged in elsewhere, please ensure you log out of that session first.
    • If you recently got disconnected due to a connectivity issue, please wait for 2 minutes for the login attempt to expire before trying again.
    • If you continue to get this error message even after a few minutes have elapsed, please use Get Support to reach us and we’ll be happy to help you.
  • This could happen for a variety of reasons.

    • You may be entering a username or a password that the system does not recognize. Please also note that usernames and passwords are case sensitive. As of FXall version 6.6 and above, you need to use an email address username format to login.
    • You may be trying to log into the wrong environment. Please confirm that you are logging into the appropriate environment, FXall Trading or FXall Trading Integration.
  • Through the Resting Orders venue you can route limit, market, and algo orders to your relationship banks that support this type of trading on the platform.

  • You can simultaneously submit up to 200 trade requests. Each trade request may be submitted to multiple banks for competitive pricing.

  • Yes, FXall supports options trading and offers a variety of options strategies via the Request for Quote (RFQ) protocol.

    You can trade precious metals on the Price Stream and RFQ trading venues.

  • We’ve seen issues occur if the user opens the Access Token link and requests multiple tokens in a short period of time. We recommend you close any instances of the request token screen you’ve opened and also delete any Access Token emails you have been generated.

    Once this is done, please open the registration invite email and start again.

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