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SDC Platinum support and training

Frequently asked questions

    1. Go to the SDC Platinum product page. You must be logged into MyRefinitiv to access this page.
    2. From the Latest Software Downloads, select the product version you are permissioned for.
    3. Click the Download icon. From the new page that opens, click Download at the bottom right.
    4. Fill in the Download Form. Enter your address and the installation address.
    5. Click Order Status. Choose the download location.
    6. Go to your Downloads folder and run the execution file (Example: SDC4.0.3.2_setup).

    Once SDC finishes installing, start with the set-up.

    1. Launch SDC Tools from your Start menu and click on Account.
    2. Enter your provided user name and password in the relevant fields. Do not worry about the Host field.
    3. Click the Administrator Info tab, enter your name and phone number. Click OK.
    4. From the Options tab, choose Communications. Your representative can tell you which network type you are using and which IP Address to use. When you have that information, choose the appropriate Network Type and IP Address. Click OK.
    5. Click Users and then click Add, and enter your personal information.
    6. Once you have entered all the details, click OK. Close the User Information window and then close the SDC Tools window.
    7. From your desktop, click the SDC icon. Before logging in, click Options and ensure all the details are correct. Then click Login.

    Note: If you cannot find the Latest Software Downloads, it may mean that you are not permissioned to the product or are facing a technical issue. Please use Get Support to reach us, and we’ll be happy to help you.

  • Consideration Structure: Cash Only screens for deals where the consideration offered is cash, earnout or assumption of liabilities. This means that filings, press articles, company disclosures and other documents in the public domain specifically indicate the deal consideration to be:

    • Cash
    • Earnout (future payments based on certain performance targets)
    • That the acquirer assumes a specific amount of liabilities that the target has to pay for at the time of announcement

    Consideration Offered: Cash Only screens for deals where the acquirer does not offer any other type of consideration except cash. Deals where the acquirer adds contingent payments (earnout) as consideration are not included if you use the filter Consideration Offered: Cash Only.

  • Users can view the report on SDC, but when attempting to attach it to their email, they get the "File not found" error.

    To resolve this:

    1. Back-up the Platinum folder located in C:\SDC\\Platinum
    2. Go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features. Uninstall SDC Platinum.
    3. Reinstall and Configure SDC Platinum.
    4. Replace the Platinum folder in C:\SDC\\Platinum using the back-up.
  • Please ask your IT team to whitelist platinum.thomsonib.com and open port 23. You should now be able to access the M&A data.

    If you are still unable to access the data, please use Get Support to reach us, and we’ll be happy to help you.

  • Cause: This error occurs when the Date Format in the Region and Language setting on your PC does not match the format in SDC Platinum.

    The default SDC date format is MM/DD/YYYY.

    To resolve this:

    1. Go to Control Panel -> Region and Language.
    2. From the Formats tab, in the Date and time section, select MM/dd/yyyy.

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